Thursday, 11 August 2011

Haul video mostly primark


Urban decay liquid liner's.
The one on the left on my hand is called *GASH*
The one on the right on my hand is called *LUCKY*

I saw these in tjhuges for only £1 so i just had to get them and yes i want all the different colours  now lol.
There very easy to apply they go on like a dream. And there also long wearing and do not smudge at all.

Elf nail polish

                                          Here are all the elf nail polish's i have so far...............
This one is my fave colour its called *blush*

This one is called *innocent*

This one is called *golden goddess*

This one is called *champagne*

My review on the elf nail polish ..............................................................................................................
These are only £1.50 each from the elf website they are a bargain. i brought them to give them a go i didn't think they were gonna be that good to be honest because they were only £1.50. But how wrong was i they are very good quality they have very good brushes too :) They apply so Nicely to your nails they  do need two coats and they do chip but they are OK if you apply a top coat.
Im really impressed with these and i will be buying more for sure. 

My fave opi nail lacquer

                                              Opi show it and glow it.
First of all look at my poor little nail it broke :( :( ..... Anyway back to the nail varnish...........

Opi - show it glow it im so loving this colour its so sparkly and glittery ive been wearing it thoughout the summer love the way it shines in the sun. this is my 4th opi nail varnish (lacquer) i realy like how all the opi apply on your nails and i just love there big brush too :)

17 Falsifeye mascara

17 falsifeye mascara £6.49 from boots.

I really had to put this on my blog because I'm in <3 with this mascara.
First of all i will start with the packaging yes it's pink this is why i picked it up to begin with yes i know that's lame but i cant resist anything pink lol.
they only come in 2 colour just black and brown.
What does the mascara claim........ it claims that it gives you a false lash effect that lasts allday.

My review....... I would not go as far to say that it gives you a false lash effect but it does give you a bit of a longer lash.

Why do i <3 this mascara so much.......... I love the big oversized brush and i love the coverage it gives my lashes you can just get away with 1 coat but it looks even better with 2 coat's i wouldn't apply more then 2 coats because it will get too clumpy.
I have yet to find my 10/10 mascara but this one comes close at 8/10.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Marie claire mag freebe

Marie caire mag september 2011 addition £3.60

Go and get your hands on the marie claire mag its just £3.60 and get a free ciate nail varnish worth £10 there is two colours there is a purple colour and a nude colour i got the nude colour its called my fair lady. ive added a pic of the colour on my nail its just a lovely nude pink colour. i love the ciate nail varnish you get full coverage and it also long lasting nail varnish.
Plus it comes in such a cute bottle with a cute black bow :) Also in the mag you can get 25% off at ciate too so its worth getting a copy :)
so get down to the newsagents  and get your hands on it NOW.....

Lush fruity beauty shower gel

Lush fruity beauty shower gel Forum special

I'm so in love with this shower gel i only wish i got more of the :( when i first opened it and smelt it it was like WOW it smells just like  a fruit punch i can smell vodka and pineapple its just an amazing smelling shower gel.
the shower gel it's self is runny but it lathers up really nice and i also use it on my hair i can smell it on my hair all day :) this shower gel is so moisturizing on your body .

new lip sticks i brought over the weekend

These are the 3 shades of the lipsticks.
the one on the left is elf  natural nymph in the mineral range
the one in the middle is a mua lipstick in shade l l
and the one one the right is 17 mirror shine lipstick in shade bee hive.

the first one i will talk about is the mua in shade l l ....
this mua lipstick is in a lovely coral red/orange and as you know all the mua lipstick come with a lipgloss at the bottom in the same shade as the lipstick i think this is brilliant idea :) these mua lipsticks are so moisturising on your lips i realy love this colour.

elf natural nymph.......................................................................................................................
this is in the mineral range  this shade is so nude and lovely but the only problem is that its realy matt and my lips are so dry so if i dont use a lipgloss over it my lips look terrible :(
17 mirror shine lipstick in shade bee hive...............................................................................................
This is my fave lipstick EVER oooh i love it i love the natural shade and to top it off the 17 lipstick mirror shine are soooooooo moristerising on your lips it just like puttting on a lip balm i take this lipstick everywhere with me :) i would recomend this bee hive colour. exellent

Lip gloss

Here are two lip glosses that i have brought recently they are ELF minty lip gloss and a collection 2000 lock n hold lip gloss
the one on the left is the collection 2000 lock n hold in shade rock steady
the one on the right is the elf minty lip gloss in shade nashville.
I'm first gonna talk about the collection 200 lock n hold .........................

collection 2000 lock n hold in shade Rock steady this lip gloss is lovely it is a little sticky on the lips but not as sticky as others it has a lovely smell to it like bubble gum chewing gum and also tastes of bubble gum so lovely and yummy :) it claims it has upto 6 hours wear i did not find that it did but it did stay on for a good 2 hours.
Elf minty lipgloss in the shade: nashville... this is a lovely shade but im so sad because it just so sticky for me. it smells like mint and tastes like mint but the problem i found is that it has grainy mint pieces in it that feel so grainy on horrible on your lips do not like feeling the grainy but on your lips yuck so its a thumbs down from me for the elf minty lip gloss.

New cid cosmetics i-glow

New cid cosmetics  this is a compact shimmer in sirocco this was £21.
I'm so in love with this compact also comes with a mirror inside. i did take a pic of what it looked like but it didn't show up very good :(
its just a lovely shimmery powder looks g8 on your shoulders and on the top of your chest i also use mine as a highlighter on my brow bone and on the top of my cheek bone and it looks amazing i cant get enough of this its so sparkly and pretty. these compact's are called i-glow i got mine in the shade sirocco.

Bourjois bronzing powder

This is my second box of this bronzing powder :)
First off the box is so pretty comes with magnetic closer  and smells and looks like chocolate what else could us chocoholics want!!!!!!!
this was from boots it was £6.99 got mine in the lightest shade 51 they only do two shades.
this is an amazing bronzer and it doesn't look orange it looks like a original tan.
i use mine as a bronzer and for contouring its excellent and would recommend to everybody .

Bourjois healthy mix foundation

I thought i would go and buy this because I've heard so many good reviews on it  its from boots and it was £9.99 i got mine in shade 51 light vanilla its the lightest shade they do. It claims you will have up to 16 hours perfectly glowing complexion &toned skin.
My review:
First off i love the bottle and loved that it had a pump :) the shade matched my skin tone perfect. The smell of this foundation is gorgeous it smells all fruity the best smelling foundation I've ever smelt.
This covers really well and so easy to apply leaves your face with a dewy look i just loved it looked amazing on my face. Now coming to the sad bit i only wore it i day for 2 hours and my face started itching so i took it all off and yes when i took it off i was covered in spots this broke me out really bad and i had only had it on for 2hours :( i have sensitive skin but like i said i read all the reviews and people with sensitive skin said it didn't brake them out but it did with me I'm soooo disappointed because i love the way to made my skin look :(
so if you have sensitive skin i would'nt go near it but if you dont have sensitive skin go and check it out x

HAIR CARE herbal essences beautiful ends

Hi every one i hope you are all having a week so far!! so at the weekend i brought i few things and one of the things i brought is Herbal essences beautiful ends.

How to use it says: lavish me through to your tips to give hair the daily special treat. Dont't rinse me out-just use me on towel-dried or dry hair. And i'll keep loving your locks and help protect your tips all day long.
You get 150ml mine was on sale i got mine for £2.55 from boots this was £5.99.
This is for dry/dull ends first of all im gonna start with the smell this smells of raspberry's the smell is amazing.
ive been using this everyday now for 4 days and i have noticed that my ends are so soft i love it.
Another thing is i thought it would leave my hair sticky but it does'nt at all just leaves your hair so soft and shiney i would realy recomend this for anyone who has dry dull end's. x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

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