Thursday, 14 February 2013


As soon as i saw that urban decay had brought out 2 palettes for the upcoming OZ film i just had to have them as im a huge fan of urban decay.
I could not choose which one to go for so i just had to have the Glinda one and also the Theodora one i paid for the glinda one myself and my other half paid for the theodora one for my birthday.
Ive not yet used my theodora one yet as my birthday isn't till april but ive ben told im not allowed to touch it :( so unfair lol
Any way onto the Glinda Palette here are a few photos

First of all the outer cardboard packaging it stunning really pretty.

And also the packaging of the product its self is gorgeous its tin and has embossed writing saying urban decay OZ The Great And Powerful which is a lovely touch to the palette.

The Palette also comes with this stunning pic of Michelle Williams who plays Glinda (the good witch) and on the other-side it had instructions on how to get the look which is always good and there very easy to follow instructions as well.

So this is the palette and the gorgeous colours you can also pop the colours out as its in a build your own palette so you could mix up the colours a bit if you dont like the way the colours in the palette are.

In the palette you also get this Purple 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in rock star which is such a pretty colour.

And you also get this Super-Saturated High-Gloss Lip Colour in Glinda which is just a gorgeous brown nude colour which just look amazing on its so soft and creamy.

Here are all the colours
Tornado - A gorgeous deep purple

Aura - This one is a duo eyeshadow. its very light both of these colours are one is more pinky and the other is like an lilac colour i thought these might me chalky but there not there almost duo chrome such pretty colours.

Magic - This one i do find kind of chalky and needs building up but once you have build the colour up its such a stunning pink colour.

Illusion - This is such a lovely colour its so smooth as all of the colours in here this colour is a very light like fleshy colour so this one is a good colour for transitioning.

Oz - This is the second duo eyeshadow now both these colours are amazing and to be honest there my two favourite colours in the palette. there almost molten metal in the way they look. one thing i would say is the gold shade had chunkier glitter then the silver shade.

South - This is such a gorgeous shade its like a gorgeous brown with silver flecks its just stunning.

Rockstar 24/7 eyeliner - This is such a great purple colour that lasts so long its so smooth and creamy and stays put all day.

Glinda super-saturated lip pencil is a gorgeous shade its so flattering i find like a nude brown shade looks glossy on without being sticky .

So overall im very pleased with this palette and so worth the money as you get 6 eyeshadows (well with the duos 8) and you also get a super saturated lip colour and a eyeliner all for £35 which i don't think is bad at all!!
You can get these palettes from DEBENHAMS

Which witch are you Glinda or Theodora ??
Have you tried out these palettes or are you thinking of getting them if so which one will you be getting ????

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


First i want to say sorry ive not blogged in a while but ive been so busy but i promise i will be blogging a lot more now ive got loads of reviews to come :)
i thought i would start with a review on the Urban Decay Naked Basics so here go`s

Urban Decay Basics £20
At last urban decay has come out with a matte palette and i must say I'm very impressed.
first i will start on the packaging this is a lovely size palette if fits into the palm of my hand and it even has a mirror inside to :) the packaging has a like a rubbery feel to it its so nice.
Even though the palette is so small the eyeshadows are full size.

As you can see here you get 6 full sized eyeshadows he colours are just gorgeous there are 4 new shadows in this palette too.

Here are all the gorgeous colours,
Venus-New! this is off white with a tad bit of shimmer
Foxy-Light yellow matte
W.O.S -( Walk of shame) very light nude matte
Naked 2-New! taupe matte
Faint- New! Warm dusty brown matte
Crave New! deep dark brown/black matte

the colour in this palette are so pigmented there smooth and also blend really well and there also not powdery at all plus they stay put all day ive used this with primer for 8 hours and it stayed put there was no creasing or anything and i have also tried without primer for 8 hours and i was shocked as the colours still stayed put.

If you are into your neutrals this palette is the one for you.
also its a great little palette for traveling too.

So overall im very pleased with this palette the colours are just stunning and blend so well and say on my eye lids all day.

If you would like this palette you can get them from Debenhams.

Have you got this palette ? if so what are your thoughts on this palette?

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