Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Hey guys I hope you are all well? I'm dong a review today on the sleek rose gold blush I've been after this rose gold blusher now for months but it's always sold out e every time :( so last weekend it was there on the shelf it was the last one there so I just had to get it as I said I've been after it for months so I had a huge smile on my face :).

This is the first ever Sleek Blusher I've brought.

I'm very very impressed with his blusher and the rose gold colour is just lovely it's such a pretty colour on and I just love the gold flecks in it this blusher was well worth the wait for me :).
This blusher is highly pigmented so you not need to much of it so this blusher is going to last me for a while.
This blusher has even made me want to try more Sleek Blushers as I'm so impressed with the rose gold one.
I would highly recommend this rose gold blusher it is truly a must to add to your blusher collection.

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