Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Massive haul :)

hello everyone here is my massive haul I've not gone into detail on everything so if you want a review on anything let me know. First up......

My iPad 2 and a pink cover and a iPad camera connection kit.

Here is my iPad close up with all my finger print all over it :(

Next up is Lush I got under the mistletoe and Mr frosty

This is what under the mistletoe looked like before I unwrapped it this was £24.95 in side you get 100g snow globe soap, avobath ballistic, 100g olive branch shower gel, so white ballistic, 10g ultrabalm, 65g each peach massage bar, superstars bubble bar.

Mr Frosty was £10.95 inside you get so white ballistic, Li'l lush pud ballistic, and a golden wonder ballistic.

Next Babyliss Wave Envy these were £49.99

This is what it looks like.

Next from BHS I got this spice rack for £14 and the hook for £6.

Next I got bracelet from Argos £9.99.

Next Models Own kabuki brush from boots £10.

Next from super drug I got the Barry M nail varnish in pink iridescent £2.99 and the Sleek Kajal eyeliner can't remember how much :( next in Boots I got the Barry M nail varnish in Limited Edition silver glitter £3.99, 17 magnetized nail polish in Lilac £5.99 next from boots I got the collection 2000 Blush in bashful £2.99, and also from boots the Rinmmel Lash Accelerator with grow-lash complex £8.99.

Next also from Boots Soap & Glory glow all out £11.00, Kick Ass concealer £10.00, All-day colour lid-shadow & lid-stick pencil £8.50.

Next I got this long necklace from Topshop £8.50.

Then also from Topshop I got a cream blush in Nutmeg £6.00, A powder blush in Pop £6.00, Nail polish in Eyes Of Steel £6.00 and a cheeks highlighter in Prism £10.00.

Next from Primark I got this handbag organiser in pink £3.00.

Also from Primark this top £8.00.

Also Primark this other top £5.00.

And also from Primark £10.00.

Next I went to republic and got this jumper £29.99.

These leggings are also from Republic these were £10.00.

And the last thing I got is this pencil skirt from River Island was £20 but got it for £10.

So that was my massive haul like I said if you want anything reviewing let me know


  1. I love haul posts <3 love the clothes you got from primark. I really want the wave envy! <3


  2. Wow what a fab haul! I love the soap and glory products and the ipad!



  3. Wow, what brilliant buys youve got!! :)
    I would love to see a review of the Babyliss Wave if possible please? :)


  4. Amazing haul! I love it all. The primark
    Tops are gorgeous xx

  5. hi,
    i love your blog it is really nice, i wish i had a much money to spend like you on my blog:(
    juststarted of, please an you give me some ideas on hhow tak t better
    please take a look a my blog

  6. Lovely post!
    You have amazing fashion taste!


  7. Love the look of everything you bought! X

  8. You got some amazing bits! Topshops eyes of steel is so gorgeous.


  9. I love all your stuff! I want an IPAD so bad ugh maybe this christmas? haha


  10. Wow, this is a beast of a haul. Not often that you open up a blog post and it starts with an iPad.


  11. You found a lot of great stuff, I love the black lace top! Have you tried the wave envy yet?? I'm having an accessory giveaway on my blog today. I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

  12. Ahh so much amazing stuff! :)


  13. excellent goods!!!! my favourite is def that lil snowman :D :D wish there was lush here. sigh. could you tell me how it fares in the bath? :D

  14. hi.. nice blog mind to follow each other? :)
    follow me and I will follow you back soon.. If I don't kindly comment to my post to remind me thanks


  15. i'm in love with absolutely everything you bought! you have such an amazing taste! xoxoxo


  16. this primark top with black collar is amazing!


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