Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Superdrug BB Cream V'S Maybelline BB Cream

I recently brought the new bb cream and the maybelline BB cream I thought I'd share with you what I thought about them both.

So here is the superdrug bb cream I got it in light and this is a 50ml and it was £6.99.

And this is the Maybelline bb cream in light and it's a 30ml and it's £7.99

And here is what the bb creams look like the one to the left of my hand by my little finger is the superdrug bb cream and the one to the right of my hand is the Maybelline bb cream as you can see there both the same shade and the texture of the both looks the same. Now the Maybelline has SPF 30 and the superdrug one doesn't have a SPF at all.

*Maybelline BB Cream*
As I've said above this bb cream has an SPF 30 which is always a good thing. This BB cream spreads out very good and easy a little go's a long way with this one. It feels dewy on your face I like it dewy due to my dry skin this bb cream did not soak into my pores or dry bits at all it made my skin feel so soft and I couldn't even notice my dry bits which was amazing :) this BB cream is not full coverage but it leaves your skin with a glow. I really love the way this made my face look I'm very impressed with it and it has made it to one of 3 my favourite BB creams if you have dry skin I would highly recommend this bb cream I just love it :)

*Superdrug BB Cream*
This sadly does not have a SPF. Like the Maybelline one it's not full coverage. This BB cream also go's on smoothly and a little go's a long way. But it went straight to my dry bits on my face and made my skin look so so dry still I thought I won't wash it off I will see how it go's throughout the day as I was staying in the house any way and by the end of the night my face looked terrible it had gone into all my fine lines and looked even worse on my dry skin and it went a little orange on me and it just looked awful and had no staying power at all it was all patchy and horrid by the end of the night I was lad to take it off. I'm addicted to BB creams I've got 5 in total and this superdrug one is the worst one I've ever tried :( But saying this I think if you have oily skin I think it might work for you. But please if you have dry skin please stay away from this BB Cream.

Review of the 24HR color tattoos

Hey guys so today I'm going to be doing a couple of reviews I'm first going to start with the 24hr color tattoos.

As you can see I've got 6 here.

So I have turquoise Forever , immortal Charcoal, Eternal Silver, On And On Bronze, Permanent Taupe, and Eternal Gold.

Here are the colours on my arm. I am so impressed with these there so pigmented. They glide on really well and you can really work with them. I'm so impressed on how they don't crease at all and they have great staying power. There so creamy and just really really easy to work with you can build them up I've used them on there own and a couple of colours together I've even used them as a eyeliner I love the Turquoise Forever as a eye liner it looks amazing :) I would say my favourite colours out of all 6 of them has to be On And On Bronze , eternal silver and eternal gold there so pigmented and look stunning on. And also I have tried these with a eye primer and without a eye primer and I'm so pleased to say you don't kneed a eye primer with these at all they have great staying power and Do NOT crease. If you haven't already got any of these I highly recommend them there fab :)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Liz Earle Hand Repair Review

Hello everyone today I have a review for you it's on the Liz Earle hand repair.
I was kindly sent this to review even though I sent this this is still going to be my honest review on it.
So has you know with Liz Earle everything you receive comes beautifully wrapped it's such a nice touch.
So here is the hand repair

I got it in a 150ml and it's in a pump bottle.

As you can see here.

This is the cream it's self.

*What This Claims To Do*
It's a potent, non-greasy cream provides instant protection and relief for all skin types. It's enriched with patnthenol (pro-vitamin B5),soothing echinacea, toning hops plus antioxidants beta-carotene and natural source vitamin e to help condition nails and soften cuticles too. This has pure essential oils including bergamot,neroli and lavender delicately scent your skin.

*My Honest Review*
Now my hands have been so terrible over the last couple of months so dry and cracked this horrible cold weather we have been having has not helped :(
I've tried a lot and a mean a lot of hand creams to try and get them back to normal and not dry but nothing I tried help :(
I've been using this Liz Earle hand repair now for just over a week and within 3 days my hands were getting much smoother and the cracks in my knuckles were becoming less dry and cracked :) and now just after a week of using this my hands are back to there normal self I'm in love this this cream it's the Bees Knees :) I use this 5 times a day everyday it's a thick creamy cream it soaks in to your hands very quickly and leaves them non-greasy which is always good with most hand creams I find they leave my hands greasy and I have to wash it off but this one is just amazing not only does it leave your hands silky smooth it also smells so nice also :) and I've also found that it is also conditioning my nails they have never looked so good and there also getting a lot stronger. I'm really impressed with this hand repair I would highly recommend it to everyone with dry cracked hands this stuff it truly AMAZING :) the prices of this hand repair are...
£9.25 for a 50ml tube
£15.25 for a 100ml pump
£20.25 for a 150ml pump
Please go and check them out on there website Hand Repair™ – Hands & feet – Skincare - Liz Earle

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