Monday, 14 May 2012

Liz Earle Hand Repair Review

Hello everyone today I have a review for you it's on the Liz Earle hand repair.
I was kindly sent this to review even though I sent this this is still going to be my honest review on it.
So has you know with Liz Earle everything you receive comes beautifully wrapped it's such a nice touch.
So here is the hand repair

I got it in a 150ml and it's in a pump bottle.

As you can see here.

This is the cream it's self.

*What This Claims To Do*
It's a potent, non-greasy cream provides instant protection and relief for all skin types. It's enriched with patnthenol (pro-vitamin B5),soothing echinacea, toning hops plus antioxidants beta-carotene and natural source vitamin e to help condition nails and soften cuticles too. This has pure essential oils including bergamot,neroli and lavender delicately scent your skin.

*My Honest Review*
Now my hands have been so terrible over the last couple of months so dry and cracked this horrible cold weather we have been having has not helped :(
I've tried a lot and a mean a lot of hand creams to try and get them back to normal and not dry but nothing I tried help :(
I've been using this Liz Earle hand repair now for just over a week and within 3 days my hands were getting much smoother and the cracks in my knuckles were becoming less dry and cracked :) and now just after a week of using this my hands are back to there normal self I'm in love this this cream it's the Bees Knees :) I use this 5 times a day everyday it's a thick creamy cream it soaks in to your hands very quickly and leaves them non-greasy which is always good with most hand creams I find they leave my hands greasy and I have to wash it off but this one is just amazing not only does it leave your hands silky smooth it also smells so nice also :) and I've also found that it is also conditioning my nails they have never looked so good and there also getting a lot stronger. I'm really impressed with this hand repair I would highly recommend it to everyone with dry cracked hands this stuff it truly AMAZING :) the prices of this hand repair are...
£9.25 for a 50ml tube
£15.25 for a 100ml pump
£20.25 for a 150ml pump
Please go and check them out on there website Hand Repair™ – Hands & feet – Skincare - Liz Earle

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