Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Review of Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics

Hello everyone today I'm going to be doing a review on the Lumiere Mineral Cosmetics. I was lucky enough to have these sent to me to review. As you know all products that I get sent to review I always give my own honest review.

So I got sent 7 products to review.

First up I got the light cool flawless face powder which was such a lovely powder went onto the skin nicely and looked natural I really have been enjoying using it as it makes my skin look flawless I love it i will go as far to say its the best face powder I've ever used.

Then I got the fair cool flawless face powder like the other powder this looked flawless on the skin but this one was just a little bit to pale for my skin tone.

Next onto the eye pigments..
This one is called champagne and it's stunning so pretty and so pigmented plus the staying power of these eye pigments are fantastic. With them being mineral I thought they might not last very long but boy I was wrong they have great staying power. There also so so soft them them.

Next is another eye pigment this is in taupe it's such a grey/silver colour again so pigmented and soft and also great staying power.

Then also another eye pigment this is called burnished bronze again very pigmented and soft and lasted a long time on.

So here are the colours of the eye pigments on my hand the one on the bottom on is Taupe middle one is champagne and top one is called burnished bronze. If you haven't tried these I would recommend them I think there beautiful. I wear all 3 colours together and they have stayed on my eyes for 6hours I'm very impressed.

Next is a bronzer in nude...
When I first looked at this I thought there was a little to much like glitter to it. But when I applied it to my face the glitter didn't transfer into my face as much as I thought it would. I'm also very impressed with this bronzer as its a true bronzer colour eg... It's not orange it's a gorgeous pale brown colour plus it blends so nicely too.

The last sample I was sent to try out was this blusher its called Sweet Cherub. This is a lovely blusher and it blends so nicely and it has a hint of glitter to it. It's such a nice peachy colour it's gorgeous.

So all in all i'm very impressed with lumiere mineral cosmetics and with the samples I got sent. They are such lovely products and I can't fault them at all.
If you are interested in these products then here is the link to there website ..Lumiere Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup

Thanks for reading xxxx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Little haul

Hello today I've got a little haul for you hope you enjoy :)

First I picked up this herbal essences deep nourishing intensive hair mask this smells amazing it has Hawaiian coconut and orchid extracts.

Then I picked up these 2 tins of lip balm from b&m only got these for the tins :) as I love hello kitty :)

Then I picked up the boots natural collection apple & lime body spray if you have not tried this you must it smells amazing.

Then from tkmaxx I picked up this physicians formula bronze booster.

Then I picked up my first revlon just bitten lip stain in cherish and I'm very impressed so far I must pick up some more now :)

Then I picked up these 3 technic nail polishes they were only 99p each so I could not resist them :) the first one is called bedazzled and the 2nd one is called carnival and the last one is called orchid mist.
So that all I got this weekend
Hope you enjoyed xoxo

It's all about balmi

Hey everyone I finally got my hands on the balmi lip balms :) I brought mine on line at boots they are £4.99 each.
As I'm sure you have all heard of the aos lip balm and you all know how hard it is to get them here in the uk. Well these balmi lip balm look just like the aos lip balms and taste just as nice :)

Here is the 3 I got
Raspberry, coconut, and strawberry as I've said they are £4.99 each and from boots they have a SPF of 15 and in total there are 4 flavours to choose from.

This is what the lip balm looks like. Which as you can see is shaped like a ball which is so easy to apply as you just rub it straight on to your lips rather then using your finger and when using your finger like me you I always get the balm stuck under my nail so not having to use your finger is a god send :) these balms are so moisturising and leave my lips so soft plus they taste amazing :) my favourite has to be the coconut one as it tastes amazing and smells amazing :)
Have you tried any of these balmi lip balms? What's your favourite flavour ??

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