Thursday, 24 November 2011

What do you guys think??

Hey everyone I need your help I want to do a give-away but I don't know if you all would like me to do a give-away or you want something different like a random act of kindness thing where I randomly send goodies to people every now & then I realy need your input so please comment down below if you would like a give away or a random act of kindness every now and then!!!
I just want to thank you all for your support on my blog I can not get over how many followers I've now got :) x x x

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Next Cashmere Eye Palette

Here is Next Cashmere Eye Palette I've never tried any Next makeup before but i was looking at all the gifts in next and this caught my eye.
In this palette you get 10 eyeshadow shades there all gorgeous colours and highly pigmented. since i got this i have not used any other eyeshadow i just think the colours are amazing for a everyday look.
This was ONLY £6 from next i think its a bargain it's a fantastic palette and i will be buying some more for Xmas presents to my friends :)
Next time your in next go and check them out!!!

Review On The Wondercap

Hey everyone i got sent the wondercap to review for you i received it last Friday and i tried it out today.
Here is what was sent to me.

I got this lovely box with the cap and conditioning treatment inside.

This is the conditioning treatment.

This is the reusable gel heatcap
And you also get 1 disposable shower cap.

And they also sent me a hair towel and a comb.

How to use:
Gorgeous hair in 5 easy steps

The heat from your Wondercap opens up the hair cuticles allowing the conditioning treatment to nourish and replace moisture to the inner hair shaft.

Instant results for soft, silky hair that will make you look like a goddess.











Be enlightened, take a closer look

Cuticle closed before
heat treatment

Cuticle open to
allow treatment in

                                                    What They Claim This Wondercap Does:
Let the heat from the Wondercap work it's magic opening up the hair cuticle, Allowing the conditioner to deeply penetrate, nourish and replace moisture to the inner hair shaft. The result is soft, shiny hair that will make you feel like a goddess.
                                               *Smoothes the cuticle
                                               *Eliminates Fizz
                                               *Moisturises the hair
                                               *Infuses outstanding shine

                                          My Honest Review On The Wondercap:
To being i could not wait to try this out due to im always using heat styling tools and colouring my hair so my hair has become so dry and dull.
My first thought was when i was opening the conditioning treatment was how nice the conditioning treatment smelt it was so nice. It was so easy and quick to do i thought it was gonna be messy but no it was so simple to use. The cap warmed up in the microwave for 2mins but i did let it cool for a bit because it did get Hot.
I left the cap on for 5mins then rinsed my hair. As soon as i was rinsing my hair hair i could feel the diffrence it felt so soft. I then dryed my hair and WOW my hair looks stunning for a change it feel's soooo soft looks healthy and soooo shiny i can not belive the shine it has given to my hair ive never seen my hair so shiny.
I am truely impressed with this product it's just amazing. And on the box i saw that you can also use the cap cold to bring down a fever down naturally and also to cool the head for migraines all you do it put it in the freezer for 1 hour and then place on head. This will come in handy with me because i suffer with migraines.
The only negative thing i have to say on the wondercap it that the cap is a bit tight other then that i love it.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekend Haul

Hello all i hope you all had a lovely weekend? I just wanted to show you all the things i picked up at the weekend.

First i got this hat/headband from Republic for £8.99 i could not resist it it's so cute and so warm :)

This is Revlon facets of fuchsia nail varnish i got this from boots £6.49
i love this nail varnish its so pretty.

This is Rimmel pro matte finish nail varnish from boots £4.59
it instantly transforms nail colour from high gloss to velvety matte finish for up to 10days.

Next is Soap&Glory Love At First Blush Blusher from boots £11.00
I'm loving this blusher its so pretty.

Here is a shimmering brush-on powder in no-3 halo
i brought this from asda for £4.
its a blusher plus you can use all the shades individualy for eye shadow i realy do like this .

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