Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review of the real techniques bold metals collection makeup brushes

Hi everyone long time but I'm back :)
So a couple of weeks ago I brought 5 of the real techniques bold metals make up brushes shown below.

The brushes I bought are the 301 flat contour.

This brush is my favourite one out of the 5 I brought it's such a fantastic contour brush just the right size it's the best contour brush that I own or have tried I highly recommend this contour brush.
The next brush is the 300 tapered blush brush

Ok so this brush is ok I'm not totally blown away by this brush and I thought it would be a lot softer then what it is :( there's not more to say on this brush as it just disappointed me well for the price any way :(

Next brush I got is the 201 pointed crease.

This brush is a lot bigger then I thought and I find it hard to work with. Again I was disappointed with this brush.

I also got the 200 oval shadow brush

This brush is easy to work with picks up eyeshadow and transfers very good I'm impressed with this brush but again it not as soft as I thought it was going to be :(

The last brush I brought was the 100 arched powder

I like this brush I'm not blown away with it again it's not as soft as I thought and it's nothing special.

So to sum it all up im a little disappointed with theses brushes I thought they were going to be super soft. I love the way these brushes look I think there gorgeous and it's brilliant that they don't roll off your dressing table lol.
I do highly recommend the contour brush it is amazing. For the price I was expecting more. I think the old brushes from the real techniques collection are a lot better and there a lot cheaper too.

Have anyone got theses brushes if so what did you think?

Thanks for reading
Kelly x

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