Friday, 13 January 2012

My Lush Stash January 2012

Hey everyone it seems lately that I'm always doing reviews do to being behind with Christmas ect. So today I'm going to be doing something a little bit different :)
A Lush Stash :)
As you all know I've been mad about lush for years.
So here is my last stash it took me forever to get everything out and took me even longer to put it away lol

Here is everything

So there it all is all my lush goodies :)
Some of my favourite things that I love has to be magic mushroom bubble bar, gingerbread house bubble bar, Christmas eve bubble bar, marzibain bubble bar, melting snowman bath melt, avobath ballistic, dragons egg ballistic, lil lush pud ballistic, snowcake soap, I should coco soap, angles delight soap, ocean salt, lemony flutter, snow fairy shower gel, happy 4 sad shower gel,snow showers shower gel, olive branch shower gel, ghost shower gel, new shampoo bar, hottie massage bar, smitten hand cream.

Are any of you addicted to lush like me?
What are your favourite lush products ?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Essential Care

Hi everyone I received a lipstick and a eye liner from essential care that I want to review. Let me tell you a bit about the company first: Award-Winning organic skincare Handmade in Suffolk. Essential care products are particularly suited to and tested on those with allergy-prone and sensitive skin. They avoid all synthetic chemical irritants and allergens. They promise: 0% parabens 0%petrochemicals 0% artificial colours 0% artificial fragrances 0% harsh or ethoxylated detergents - Sls or sles ect. 0% gm 0% dea,met, tea 0% animal testing. Things they do are face products such as moisturiser,facial wash,toners,cleansers,face masks plush stuff for lips. Also body scrubs,body lotions,body oil. They also do things for problem skin they also so soaps,hand wash,shampoo. They also do skin care for mum and baby eg: shampoo,massage oil,soothing salve,repair lotion,bump butter,labour oil,nipple balm. And also gift sets. Makeup they have mascara,eyeshadows,lipstick, lip liners,lipstick,eyeliners. So this is what I got.

I received a lipstick in shade 11 mashmallow what it says on the box is contains fairtrade Shea butter 100% natural mineral colour. Vitamin-rich organic plant extracts and Shea butter to enhance,nourish and moisturise your lips. A pure synergy of nature and nurture. Lipstick case: made in the EU from 100% corn-based,non-petrochemical and recyclable materials. MY HONEST REVIEW: I really like the packaging eg the case it's in a dark green colour with gold writing looks very smart. I love the taste of this lipstick it's so nice. The colour is just amazing looks so pretty on your lips. I wasn't expecting this to be moisturising at all but WOW this lipstick is so moisturising it felt like a balm on my lips I really like this lipstick I think I'm gonna have to buy more. Go and check them out they do 7 lipstick shades in total. The only thing is that there £18 each which I think is a bit pricey but saying that there so moisturising and make my dry lips look amazing .

This is the eye liner mine is in black £12.50. What it says on the box: contains fairtrade Shea butter 100% natural mineral colour,vitamin-rich organic plant extracts and Shea butter to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. MY HONEST REVIEW: First the colour is very black which I love it has a very smooth texture to it so it just glided on to my eyes like a dream it's so easy to blend and if you put it on your water line it does stay on for ages so I really do like this too. Go and check them out they do 3 colours black,brown and rose. So if you wanna go and have a look here is the link to the website:

Monday, 9 January 2012


Hey guys here is my first haul for 2012 one of many to come in 2012 :) So let me show you what I brought.

First from online I got the light moroccan oil this is a 25ml. Next I will start with what I got from boots.

I got the new No7 BB Cream for Dry/very dry skin this is £12.95

Next I got the Sally Hansen maximum growth.

Next is the l'oreal color infallible in goldmine.

Then I got the 17 peep show mascara and got a free peep show eye palette.

Here is the colours in the palette. So that is all I got from BOOTS sorry I can't find the receipt so I don't know the prices on everything :( Next is the stuff I got in the sales in SUPERDRUG.

I got this Flutter eyeshadow palette it was £1.99

These are the colours.

Then I got this Studio Mascara wardrobe for £4.99

This is what's inside.

Then I got the Studio bronzed beauty this was also £4.99.

This is what's inside.

Then I got this hair dye it's the Smart Beauty blonde this was £4.99 So that's everything that I got. I've not gone into detail on any of the things I got but if you want me to do a review on any of the the things I brought then please do let me know and I will review them for you. I hope you all are having a fab 2012 so far xoxox

Review Beauty Naturals

Hello today I'm going to be doing a review on Beauty Naturals its a fab website they have cruelty free skin care here are some of the brands they have Martha hill, skin revivals,David hill for men, purely hair care and herbals for health. I will be reviewing there PALLADIO Range.

First is the Palladio lip stain in colour pinky.

Here is what the felt tipped applicator looks like.

Here is what it looks like. What the website says about the products: At last a colour that stays-the answer to the problem of 'bleeding' lipstick that disappears. The hydrating and weatherproof formula does not dry your lips out its enriched with moisturising patnthenol you can use the stain as a base for your lipstick or alone. The price is £7 MY HONEST REVIEW. I have used loads of lip stains before and I've never found that they stay very long at all so I thought this would do the same but I love this lip stain stays on your lips like forever well maybe not forever but hours even after drinking and eating which I was very surprised with and the photo above with a swatch of it on my had that stayed on the back of my hand for the whole day I tried my hardest to wash it off a couple of times but had no luck. So if you are looking for a great lip stain with staying power then go and check this one out.

Next this is called vitamin E lip treatment this is £6. What the website say about this lip treatment: Helps prevent dry, flaking skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines. With natural vitamin E to give extra moisturising boost and condition lips. MY HONEST REVIEW. To begin this does not taste of anything. It's just like a butter on your lips I have very dry lips so I was excited to try this out and I'm glad to say I really like it makes my lips feel so soft and moisturised I've been using it now every day about 4 times a day for just over a week and I have found a real difference in the condition of my lips. My lips are not as dry and they do not flake. So I also really like this product and as soon as I have used this one up I'm going to buy another for sure.

Last up is the Palladio herbal tinted lip balm £5 this comes in a twist up tube.

This is the colour it's the gold one on the bottom. It's called naturally bronze and it's £5. What the website says about this: it's enriched with uv filters to protect lips that moisturises the lips while adding sheer, subtle colour. Lightly flavoured with vanilla. MY HONEST REVEW: First I was put off by the smell of this it's not my kind of smell at all. I love the colour of this balm it's so pretty on your lips and this balm is very moisturising but I do not like the taste at all. So this one is not for me at all I do not like the taste or smell of it. If this tasted and smelt different I would have loved it as I said its very moisturising on your lips and the colour is fantastic. But sadly the balm is not for me. So that is my review please go and check out the website if you are interested here is the link

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