Monday, 26 March 2012

Collective Haul

Hey guys sorry I've not been blogging much but I've been very busy but I will from now on be blogging most days :)
So I've got. Collective haul for you all.

I just could not resist this onesie from primark is s cute it's a chick :)

Next also from primark I got this purple top with an owl on it.

Got this bag from matalan.

This is all the beauty products i got.

These 3 things I got from h&m there are 2 lip butters and a lip gloss the lip gloss is vanilla ice cream flavour yummmm.

The lip butters I got are in vanilla delight thats the peach colour one then the pink coloured one is in Gorgeous Guava & fig.

And here is a superdrug vitamin e eye cream I got.

Next is this Topshop lip tint.

This is in crystal

This is so pretty the photo didn't catch how pretty it is

This is the colour on me but this is not just a normal lipstick noooo it's Magical ........
It reacts to your skin to create a unique shade and I love it :)

Next I got my hands on the Revlon lip butter I got the one 005 Sugar Frosting

This is also a pretty colour but yet again the camera didn't catch it :(.

I do love the colour of this on my lips :)

Then I 3 of the Maybelline color tattoo's

First I got the shade Eternal Gold then On and on Bronze and the Turquoise Forever
I love every shade I got these are just amazing and I need more :)

Then finally I went to lush and picked up these 3 products from there Easter Range.

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