Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lush Retro Halloween Haul

I recived my lush retro halloween order today :) You can only buy the retro here online

First up is the lovely Ghost shower gel it is £8.95 for 250g
I love love love this shower gel i was paying for it to come to retro again this halloween and my wish came true :) as most lush shower gels you can use this for your body and hair i love washing my hair with this makes your hair smell lovely.
This ghost shower gel smells like lily's and baby powder to me it so nice.

Next up is Happy 4 Sad this was £12.75 for 500g
This smells very citrus ooooh its lovely and i love the colour of this its like a ulta-violet colour so pretty.

And for some reason the nxt item does not want to upload :(
So the item is Avowash soap it was £3.95.
I was unsure about the avowash soap at first because it me it smells of mens aftershave to me : /
But i tryed some of it to wash my hands and WOW its so moisturising.
the soap is packed with fresh avoado's, pine oil and fresh lemon juice.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

My Top 2 All Time Favourite Palette's

So here they are yes its the Urban Decay Naked Palette
And also the Sleek Storm Palette.
Here they are in all there glory :)
First i will talk about the NAKED PALETTE
I just love how pretty it looks and love the magnetic clasp. I use the naked palette for my everyday makeup plus you can get like a whole lot of different looks with the 12 colours. the colours i use all the time are Virgin, Naked, Buck and Darkhorse i love these colours. There are a few matt colours and also shimmery colours so its great for everyone :)

This is the first ever sleek palette i ever brought and i love it :)
Again there are a few matt colours and shimmery colours there are 12 colours in total again there are so many diffrent looks you can do with this palette. i love this palette. the only thing is that mine didnt come with any names of the eyeshadows :( the colours that i love in this palette are the top left one and the 3 top right ones and the blue one at the bottom and the grren one at the bottom and the purple one.
Ive got a few more sleek palettes but the storm one is my favourite one.

Monday, 24 October 2011

My top 2 handcreams for the winter

If like me you suffer from dry cracked sore hands in the winter then here are my top 2 hand creams for winter :)
Here is the first one its Smitten from Lush this smeels just amazing and leaves your hands so soft and sinks into your hands lovely.
Here is L.Occitane this is just amazing soaks into you hands realy well without leaving them greasy its so rich and creamy i just love it. This also comes in all diffrent scents but this one is the shea butter one i like this one the best. So there it is my top 2 hand creams for the winter :)

Weekend Haul

Hello to all my lovely followers here is a what i brought over the weekend its not much but i thought i would show you all :) x

These slippers are from Primark £5 there so warm and cosy i love them I've not took them off since i brought them :)

At the back they have these cute bows :)

Here is a throw that is also from primark £3.

Here is models own nail varnish in Champagne i got mine from Boots £5.

This is what the colour looks like i realy like it.

Natural Collection mascara from boots £1.99

This is just one coat of the mascara it coves realy well but i wont purchace it again due to it flakes real bad :(
I know its a bit early but i could not resist this light up red nose reindeer its sooooooooooo cute :)
its from B&M £24.99

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