Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lush Retro Halloween Haul

I recived my lush retro halloween order today :) You can only buy the retro here online

First up is the lovely Ghost shower gel it is £8.95 for 250g
I love love love this shower gel i was paying for it to come to retro again this halloween and my wish came true :) as most lush shower gels you can use this for your body and hair i love washing my hair with this makes your hair smell lovely.
This ghost shower gel smells like lily's and baby powder to me it so nice.

Next up is Happy 4 Sad this was £12.75 for 500g
This smells very citrus ooooh its lovely and i love the colour of this its like a ulta-violet colour so pretty.

And for some reason the nxt item does not want to upload :(
So the item is Avowash soap it was £3.95.
I was unsure about the avowash soap at first because it me it smells of mens aftershave to me : /
But i tryed some of it to wash my hands and WOW its so moisturising.
the soap is packed with fresh avoado's, pine oil and fresh lemon juice.


  1. Ghost sounds really cool, definitely going to pick one up, just wish there was a Lush shop nearer to me!

  2. Hi Zoe you can only get this online because it's retro you can't get it in the shops x x

  3. I really want to try the ghost shower gel

  4. I need a lush haul in my life!


  5. Ooh they sounds lovely, I LOVE Lush, particularly the vanilla dee-lite moisturiser, it's lush [haha!] x

  6. Ooh Ghost sounds lovely! I love the smell of baby powder.
    Thanks for following my blog. :)

  7. owww I really want to try some products from their Halloween range! Xx Lovely Lush haul Xx

  8. ooo lush! :D I've just popped a lush haul up today. Haven't purchased any halloween lush this year, its too samey.
    Lucy x

  9. I would also like to try the ghost is sounds like it smells amazing xx


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