Thursday, 4 September 2014


Hi everyone as you saw in my last post ive just been away from blogging as ive had a baby. And ive also been very busy with our new company which i wanted to tell you all about.
We have created a ghost hunting company called DARKSIDE Ghost Hunts
our aim is to bring genuine and affordable ghost hunts to the public.
Our company has been going now for over a year and we have meet some incredible guests that are as passionate as we are about the paranormal :)
our ghost hunts are very affordable as we do not do it to make money we do it because we enjoy it.
We have done so many events now and touch wood they have all been very active and everyone enjoys them self and every event we have sells out.
We are a team of four me (kelly) my other half phil and also our good friends sam and kamil.
We have all been ghost hunting now for over 5 years and we decided to set up our own company.
Are any of you into ghost hunting??
If you are interested then here is our link here you will see all of our events

Here are some photos of the team and our guests at our events.

Drakelow tunnels

Monmouth theatre

Four crosses pub

Spon Street Ghost Hunt

Stanley palace

The Ancient Ran Inn

Hereford shire hall

The Ancient Ram Inn

Bodenham manor

Skirrid Inn

Four Crosses

I'm Back!!!!! So where have I been !!!

Hello Folks I've been away for a while now I've missed blogging and missed you all :( So I hear you all ask where have I been !!!
I've been busy setting up our own ghost hunting company which I shall talk about in my next blog post.
And also I'm a mummy now :) :) we have our miracle baby :)
We have been trying for a baby for years and years and 4 failed ivf  cycles :(
We never thought it was going to happen to us and of course ivf is very pricey so we have it just one more go and it worked as you can guess we were over the moon at last our dream come true and we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. We have named him jayden lee Owen. To all those who are going though ivf please please please never give up your dream will come true like ours did :)
Here are a few photos of our little boy jayden he is now 3 months old.

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