Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Well hello and welcome to my blog :)

Hello everyone i finally have made a blog I'm so excited this blog is going to be all about make up, fashion and everything else that I'm into. First i will start off my blog by doing a haul that i recently brought hope you enjoy :)

Here is the stuff ive brought recently
first im gonna start with the E.L.F stuff i brought

This is the e.l.f booster that was £3.50 i brought this to use as a setting powder  and im so in love with it i got it in sheer i think you can also get a shimmer one too my skin felt so smooth and very soft after using this and it made my skin look fantastic ive also used it on its own as a foundation its very nice.

This is the e.l.f shimmering facial whip in colour lilac petal this was £1.50 this can be used on cheeks and used as a  eyeshadow i use this as a highlight for my brow bone and cheeks its so nice and shimmery and lovely to wear in the summer also blends realy well.

This is the e.l.f all over colour stick and can be used anywhere as a eyeshadow s a highlighter and you can even use it on your lips this smells so nice and fruity the only problem i have about this prouduct is that its very sticky :( so i only use it on my lips this colour is toasted and this was £1.50.

This is e.l.f luscious liquid lipstick they were £1.50 each i realy like these but they dont stay on your lips you have to keep putting it on though the day. the one on the right is called maple sugar and the one on the left is rasberry.
This is V05 micracle concentrate intensive leave-in treatment i got this from superdrug it was £2.99 the bottle is 50ml.
This says itintensely conditions and helps repair dry,damaged or frizzy hair and leave hair unbelievably smooth and silky soft and also reduce drying time and damage caused by blow drying.
How to use: take a ew drops into the palm of your hand and distribute evenly through your hair on mid lenghts and ends then blow dry plus you can use it on dry hair to tame frizz and add shine.

My thoughts on this: one word WOW im soooo in love with this after i used the the first time i could not stop touching my hair it felt soooo soft and sooo smooth the smell of this is also lovely ive used this on towel dry hair and also on dry hair i love this stuff im so amazed by it i will go as far to say that this is the best ever thing ive ever used on my hair.

Natural collection moisture shine lip stick in colour candy mist well what can i say about these lipsticks ive now got 2 of these the other colour i got is apple blossom i love the natural collection lipstick they glide on very well and give your lips moisture and something even better there only £1.99 if you like me have always walked past the natural collection like me then dont i always used to walk by and not look because it was so cheap but im so glad i stoped and had a look they may be cheap but there so nice.

Models own nail varnish i got this from river island for £4.99 the colour is pink fizz.
What can i say im a sucker for glitter nail varnish i love it and this cour is realy pretty this is the first models own nail varnish i own i will have to get more now lol i used to coats on the photo above

Bourjois eyeshadow in 90 blanc i use this as a highlight for my brow bone and the inner corners of my eyes in the photo of the swatch the left one is done dry and the one on the right is done wet for a more intence colour i can not remember how much this was but it also comes with a handy mirror in the lid .

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