Friday, 27 January 2012

Thank you!

Hello everyone I just want to say a very HUGE Thank you to everyone who gave me an award it makes me so happy I've had a lot over the last couple of months but the only problem is that I'm without a laptop so I can't seem to post them on my blog with the iPad :( which is so sad :( I just wanted to let you all know I'm so happy for being given theses awards :) Thank you Thank you Thank you it means the world to me I'm just so annoyed that I can't post them :(
Thank you again and thanks for reading my blog xoxoxox

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Requested Tutorial How I Curl My Hair !!!!!

My Review On The New No7 Airbrush Away Primer!!!

Hello everyone todays post is all about the New No7 Airbrush Away Primer!!!
This No7 claims that it magic's away the signs of ageing. It contains light diffusing particles, designed to make you look younger instantly by putting fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and pores into soft focus.

So here is the bottle it is a 30ml and it's £19.50

Here is the primer on the back of my hand

This is my hand after I rubbed the primer in.
First of all the price £19.50 I was like WOW that's expensive for a 30ml but believe me a little bit of this product go's a very long way I only use a pea size amount and that does my whole face and my neck. This primer glides onto your skin like a dream leaving you a perfect base for your makeup. I'm really loving this primer not only does it make my skin Feel silky and smooth it also makes my foundation stay put all day :)
There is a slight smell to this primer which is not over powering at all to me it smells like a kind of suntan lotion smell.

I've been using my Airbrush Away Primer now for just over a week and I'm honestly amazed with it. I've a few fine lines by my eyes and NO it doesn't get rid of your fine lines but it DOES make them less noticeable which is always a good thing :)
I've tried so many different primers in the past and every single one of them broke me out :(
But this No7 Primer is Hypo-allergenic so it's very good for people with sensitive skin and believe me I call my skin super sensitive skin as most things brake me out. But this has not broke me out at all. This primer is now going to be a permanent fixture in my makeup bag and I will keep repurchasing this forever.
So all in all I'm SO SO SO impressed with this Primer I would highly recommend this to everyone even people with sensitive skin it's just amazing. I am so impressed that I brought one of these for my sister and she loves it and even my mum brought one the weekend and she also loves it.
Have you got this primer or tried this primer?
If so did you love it as much as me?

Monday, 23 January 2012

Weekend Haul

Hello all hope you all had a lovely weekend. Here is a haul of what I brought over the weekend.

First I went to lush and brought the magic mushroom bubble bar £2.45
And the blackberry ballistic £2.90 then sweet heart soap £3.48.

Then I got the too faced Lashlight mascara from T.K. Maxx for £5.99

Then went to primary and brought 3 necklaces and a pair of earrings the bow necklace was £2 the whatever necklace was £1.50 and the heart necklace was £1.50 and the dice earrings were £2.00

Next I went to superdrug

Got some dettol soap which I'm addicted to at the mo :) love it :)

Then I got this blend perfection sponge ( cosmopolitan ) £4.99

Sorry it looks mucky I've used it.

Then I got this 2 true twist and line eye defined £1.99

This is the Aussie hairspray £3.49

Then I got this fashionista eyeshadow in Embellished shade 35 £4.00

And this is another fashionista product it's a pressed powder £5.00

Then I got the Sleek Molten Metal £6.99

Then lastly I got this cosy tv blanket from b&m £4.99

Liza Earle botanical shine shampoo & botanical shine conditioner Review

Hey all hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Today I'm going to be doing a review on Liza Earle shampoo and conditioner that I was kindly sent to review. Like all my reviews I'm going to be totally honest on what I thought.
Now here is the botanical shine shampoo and the botanical shine conditioner that I received and as you know everything comes beautifully wrapped as shown in the photo Below.

So on to the products!!

First here is the Liza Earle botanical shine shampoo this is for all hair types and this is 200ml £8.00.
What they claim about this shampoo: First of all this is an award-winning product we have created one shampoo that delivers outstanding results on all hair types, with west African Shea butter, natural source vitamin E, shine-boosting apple and orange extracts plus naturally derived cleansers, it gently cleans without stripping to leave hair soft, shiny and smooth. Ideal for all the family every day.
First I want to say I really love the smell of this shampoo it's so nice I can smell a little hint of apple in it. Now I suffer with eczema on my scalp no where else just on my scalp that really itches then flakes and get so sore :( so I could not wait to try this because I've heard a lot of good things about this shampoo. This shampoo is soooo gentle and it has really soothed my eczema and not made it itch so much :) I'm really enjoying using this and yes it is gentle enough to use everyday. And you only need to use just a little amount believe me a little go's a very long way if you think you have not got enough on your hair just use a little bit of water and you get this rich creamy lather. If you have never tried this I would highly recommend it.

Next up is the botanical shine conditioner this is 200ml £8.00.
You can get this in three different hair types: for normal hair, for dry or damaged hair and also for fine or oily hair.
I got the one for Dry or Damaged hair.
What Liza Earle claims about this conditioner : our three high performance conditioners work in harmony with botanical shine shampoo to leave hair detangled, glossy and ready to style. Each contains moisturising Kenyan Yangu oil, shine boosting apple and orange extracts, blue seakale to help keep hair colour safe and a unique botanical to give you just the right amount of moisturisation for your hair type.
The one I got for dry or damaged hair is specially formulated with west African Shea butter, our ultra-rich conditioner leaves dry or damaged hair hydrated, under control, soft and smooth.
The smell of this again just like the shampoo it's so nice. As I said I got the conditioner for dry/damaged hair this is a lovely thick creamy conditioner and this is the only conditioner that has left my hair totally tangle free. The first time I used this my boyfriend said have you dyed your hair again!!! He said it looked lighter but it was that this conditioner left my hair so shiny I just could believe it myself how shiny it looked and how smooth it felt. It just looked so healthy for a change and that was only the first day of using the shampoo and conditioner I'm so pleased with these two products that I'm going to keep repurchasing both the shampoo and conditioner for forever. I highly recommend them both.
Here is the link to the liz Earle website if you want to go and check them out  Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare – Welcome to our UK website

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