Monday, 17 October 2011

Tiny Haul

Hi guy's i would like to start by saying sorry for not posting much lately but I've been so busy lately. But I'm now back :)
 Here is a tiny haul of mainly things that I've run out of................
First here is a jumper that i just could not resist its from Peacocks £18
this pic does not give this jumper justice :(
This jumper is the softest jumper I've ever touched its see-though but surprising very warm. The jumper comes just above me knees. Its a lovely what i call a baggy jumper i know I'm going to be wearing this throughout the winter i love it :)

This is the stuff i was running out of so i got it all out of Boots :)
First i got another bottle of V05 Gloss me smoothly shampoo
And a Dove hair therapy conditioner that I'm in love with.
Then i had to get another Rimmel glam eyes Day 2 Night mascara.
And then i saw the New impulse special edition body spray called very very pink and saw that it came with a limited edition Barry M lip gloss the colour of the lip gloss that you could choose from was Nude, Clear and  Pink i got the pink one that i just love :)

So here it is you cant see it on the pic but it has little glitter bits in it . This also smells amazing :)

 On these pics you can see the glitter in it. Its so pretty :)

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