Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Hello everyone just wanted to share my thoughts on unicorn wax. yes some of you might know I'm a brand rep on Instagram for unicorn wax but that does not change my option on unicorn wax at all if I didn't like the products I would say..
Believe me I've tried many wax's over the years and unicorn wax melts are the best I have ever tried they smell really strong and fill up my whole house and the scent lasts a very long time.
here are a few pics form my Instagram profile of what I've taken on the wax welts


I've got the scents blueberry and cherry cola and vanilla & lavender all the 3 scents are gorgeous and they smell so strong as I like strong smelling wax melts that scent your whole house. if I had to pick my favourite scent so far it will have to be the vanilla & lavender its such a lovely smell. I would really recommend unicorn wax you can find them on Instagram unicorn wax or you can buy from there shop here 
if you have already tried them out let me know what you think of them.... and if you want a wax melt that scents your whole house I would check them out.
thanks so much for reading this blog post. sorry I've not been blogging a lot lately but I've got a new MacBook Air now so I will be blogging a whole lot more. I've missed you guys xxxx

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