Thursday, 3 May 2012

Giveaway and review of cutey bracelets

Review Of The Cutey Bracelets

Hello everyone today I'm going to be doing a review on Cutey bracelets I was kindly sent 3 to review and there all amazing.
So here is the 3 I received..

This one is so pretty my mum fell in love with this one so I've let her have it :)

This is the one I've kept myself it's just gorgeous.

And this one is also gorgeous it has a cute little turtle on it I'm giving this one away on my YouTube channel so please if you want to enter here i will post the video on here after :)

So first I was not expecting to get 3 so that's why I decided to do a giveaway.
These bracelets are very good quality I've even worn mine in the shower and bath and they have not discoloured at all :)
The one I gave to my mum I don't think she has took it off since I gave it to her she even wears it to work and she likes it so much because like me she has small wrists and we both find it hard for bracelets to fit so if you have the same problem with small wrists then these are the bracelets for you. Like I said my mums wears hers to work she works in a factory and she says the bracelet fits so nice that it doesn't get in the way. I also wear mine a lot and I'm always on computers and the bracelet does not knock on the keypad and annoy me. These bracelets are so pretty I just love them.

This is where it fastens and once it is closed it has never come unopened on me so that's always a good thing :)

So if you love the pandora bracelets but you can't afford them then these are for you :)
Here is the link to there website

Charm Bracelets & Costume Jewellery by cutey

Here is the link to there twitter

cutey (@cutey) on Twitter!/cutey

And here is the link to there Facebook page

Cutey | Facebook

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