Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Haul Time !!!!!!

Hi everyone I've got time on my hands today so this is my second blog post of the day. Here is a haul of some things that I have brought recently.

First I got this garnier body (summer body) this gradually builds a natural-looking sun kissed tan.

Next got theses new 17 Instant Glow pink bronze bronzing rocks. I have already used this and it's so nice it gives you a loving glowing look but if you do not like shimmer I would stay away from this but I love shimmer :)

Next I was shocked when I walked in to tkmaxx to find they had some Physicians Formula I got super duper excited :) as you all know we can't get physicians formula in the uk so I just had to buy this blusher and bronzer this was £4.99 and I'm in love with it.

Also in the bottom of the bronzer you get a mirror and also a brush.

Next also from tkmaxx I had to get this Physicians formula blush I have used this a lot as you can tell by the photo it's so pretty.

This also had a mirror and brush in too.

Next are Two models own nail varnish's

I got beach party

And Indian ocean these are so pretty

This is beach party on my nail this is two coats.

And this is beach party two coats and Indian ocean two coats on top.

There is the two colours together I really love these.

Next I got a L'oreal rouge caresse lipstick £7.99

I got mine in fashionista pink

And this is what it looks like I'm going to have to get more I these I really like them and there so pretty and moisturising on your lips :)

The lat thing I got was this New Mabelline Dream fresh BB cream this was £7.99
I've tried this now twice and I like it a lot plus it hasn't broke me out so that's a good thing it gives you a lovely natural looming glow and it also hydrates your skin and makes my skin look so smooth and it also has SPF30.

So that's everything I brought have any of you tried anything I've brought? What did you think of them ? Xx
Thanks so much for reading xxxx

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment Review

Hello everyone today I'm goi g to be doing a review on the Liz Earle Botanical Shine Treatment that I was kindly sent to review. Before I start I want to say this is going to be my honest review and thoughts on this product.

So here it is this is a 150ml and it's £14.00.
It's a shine treatment for frizzy,coarse or very dry hair it has naturally active ingredients, Red Algae,Sumac Wax,Blue seakale,Extracts of cotton,Apple and Orange.
This is a colour safe treatment which is great.
So I hear you all ask what does it claim to do well it says that it leaves hair smooth,frizz-free,deeply hydrated,tamed and totally manageable.
How to use after shampooing squeeze water from hair and apply. Leave for 10 minutes then rinse. For an extra boost leave on for upto 30minutes then rinse.

My Honest Review
I love this product it's amazing it softens my hair without any weight made my hair very smooth and silky soft and best of all left my hair frizzy-free. It's made my hair feel so soft and look amazing I can't get enough of this product it's the bees knees :)
The first time I used this I left it on for 30mins because my hair was lacking shine and I just fell in love. Then i left it on as a night treatment for my hair I put it on before I wet to bed woke up the next morning and rinsed my hair and WOW my hair looked amazing even my boyfriend could see and feel the difference.
Another thing I've found is with using this my hair is a lot better to style and it was manageable for a change it also gave me a bit of volume. Plus the smell of this product is so nice.
So if you have dry or frizzy hair and you want something that deeply hydrates your hair leaving it tamed and hydrated and totally manageable then this product is the product for you I would totally highly recommend this product I assure you that you WONT be disappointed.
Here is the link to the Liz Earle Website go and check it out...!!
Liz Earle Naturally Active SkincareWelcome to our UK website

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