Saturday, 17 December 2011

Last Haul Before Xmas

Hey everyone today my blog post will be on my last haul before Christmas so lets get started...

First up are these 6 Models Own nail varnish's.
Top row left to right are Silver Fox, Jade Stone, Blue Moon

Bottom row left to right are Emerald City, Aqua Violet Beetle Juice, and Disco Mix.

Next I brought the Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm in clear this is so moisturising.

Next is a Opi nail varnish in Gone Gonzo! From the Muppets Collection

I love love love this nail varnish it's so pretty and I'm a sucker for glitter nail polish :)

Next from TKMaxx I got the New CID cosmetics Eyes Lips Cheeks Hero Collection.
RRP £86.00 but it was £19.99.

This is what it looks like inside you get of course the bag and 4 products.

Here is the bag with a lovely new CID cosmetics logo and ribbon I love these touches to the bag :)

First you get this I-line kohl pencil in brown

Next yo get this I-volumise mascara in black

Then this I-gloss in Baby Doll and this has 2 lights and a mirror.

Here is the colour its so pretty and not sticky at all on your lips.

The last thing is this I-blush in strawberries & cream it's a blush and highlighter it has 2 LED lights and a mirror.

This is what it looks like.

The colour of this blush and highlighter are beautiful.

And here it is with the lights on the lights are so bright :)

So that was my last haul haul till Xmas but don't worry you can't get rid of me that easy lol I will be doing a couple of reviews sometime in the week next week :)

Thank you so much for reading my latest blog post :)
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Kabuki Brush And A Highlighter That You Need On Your Christmas List !!

Hey me again lol I'm having a blogging day today :)
I want to talk about 2 products that I have brought and I'm in love with and I think every girl should have on there Xmas list ;)

The first thing is the kabuki brush i got this one from boots it the Models Own kabuki brush £10. Now I'm mad on kabuki brushes I own about 6 I've got sigma ones elf ones primark ones plus others. But this models own one is the best I have ever used its soooo soft the softest one I've ever used it is just amazing. You all need this kabuki.

Next is this topshop cheeks highlight in Prism £10 this is a Multi-Purpose stick you can use it on the top of your cheek bones and even on your lips and body.

This stick is so nice I love the colour of the highlighter it's got like a gold tint to it.
Perfect for the party season.

So these are the 2 products that I think should be on all your Xmas lists.

Have anyone already got and tried my 2 products ? Do you love them both as much as I do ?

Thanks so much for reading my latest blog post

My last Christmas gift guide

Hey everyone not long now till Christmas :) here is my last Christmas gift Idea so if you are stuck then please check out the website they do lovely gifts for everyone.
Here is the link
I received this gorgeous jewellery box

This is a small french antique style drawer set this was £28.75.
So if you know anyone that loves the antique, shabby chic look then I'm sure they would love this.

The detail on this is so beautiful.

Plus the drawers are also a good size I'm using mine as a jewellery box but you could also use it to keep your makeup in and anything really.

So please check out the website they do loads of really nice gifts.
Here is the link again

Thanks for reading my lastest blog post xoxo

Monday, 12 December 2011

Garnier BB cream Vs 17 BB cream

Hey my loves today I'm going to be doing a post on BB creams. As you all know if you watch my YouTube videos how much I love the Garnier BB Cream.
Everything I say is my own honest opinion on the BB creams.

So here they are the 17 BB Cream and the Garnier BB Cream so let's first start on the prices.
17 BB Cream is from boots it's 30ml for £6.99 comes in two shade light & medium
Garnier BB Cream is 50ml for £9.99. Also comes in two shades light & medium

The pics above show the 17 bb cream.
So let start with the 17 BB Cream what it says on the box is BB Blemish Balm- all in one Magic Make-up 17 bb cream is your no make-up make-up. A cult wonder product that gives your skin a complete natural , flawless finish.
: covers
: enhances
: protects
This BB cream as a SPF of 25
My opinion is that I did not like it :( I have very dry skin that becomes even dryer in the winter. And this BB cream made my skin look terrible and more dryer. When I put it on I thought wow I think I'm gonna like this BB cream then just 10 mins later I looked in the mirror and it just looked terrible it had all sinked in to all my pores and made my skin look even dryer then what it was before. So if you have dry skin I would stay well away from the 17 BB cream but I think is would be great for people with oily skin. Like most uk BB cream this one is not full coverage.
So I won't be buying this again but like I said I think this will suit people with oily skin.

Next up is the GARNIER BB Cream I'm sooooo in love with this BB cream also the same as the 17 BB Cream this one is also not full coverage.
This Garnier BB cream is great for my dry skin and this smells so amazing I really love the smell of this BB cream :) this Garnier bb cream soaks into my skin like a dream it does leave like a shine dewy look on your skin which is great for my dry skin in the winter but in the summer I do need to apply powder over the top but in the winter I don't have to because my skin gets even dryer in the winter.
I will never stop using the BB cream it looks fantastic on my dry skin as I said its not full coverage but I think it covers more then the 17 BB Cream.
So if you have dry skin like me I would highly recommend this Garnier BB Cream.
And if you have oily skin I would say this Garnier bb cream may not be for you but I do know some people that have oily skin and own this Garnier bb cream they u
Just have to apply powder on top.

I hope this post has help some of my beautiful readers who don't know what BB Cream to get!!!!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review on me me me pink makeup gift set (find me a

Hey everyone I've got another review for you from her is the link to there website  they do lots of gifts and even personalised gifts. I got the me me me pink makeup gift set £11.99

I love the box so much its so pretty.

Here is whats inside the box you get

A light me up lipgloss that has a mirror on the side and also when you twist the lid it lights up

I tried so show it lit up but it didn't show up on my photo :(

Her is the colour of the lipgloss it's beautiful but I didn't like the taste of it only because it tastes of mint and I don't like anything that tastes of mint:(

Next in the box was this nail varnish that's called pink

Here it is on my nail it's what I would call a browny pink I really like this nail varnish I've never tried any me me me nail polish before so I'm well impressed.

Next is this blush it's called blush me pink

Inside the lid it has a mirror which I think is so handy and also comes with a cute little brush.

Look at the colour of this blush it's just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is on the back of my hand and on my fingers I'm very impressed I need to get more of the me me me blushers now. This blush is so nice and blends very well.

If you are stuck for presents then please go and check this website out they also do The Balm cosmetics too.

Here is the link again

Thanks so much for reading my latest blog post

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