Sunday, 11 December 2011

Review on me me me pink makeup gift set (find me a

Hey everyone I've got another review for you from her is the link to there website  they do lots of gifts and even personalised gifts. I got the me me me pink makeup gift set £11.99

I love the box so much its so pretty.

Here is whats inside the box you get

A light me up lipgloss that has a mirror on the side and also when you twist the lid it lights up

I tried so show it lit up but it didn't show up on my photo :(

Her is the colour of the lipgloss it's beautiful but I didn't like the taste of it only because it tastes of mint and I don't like anything that tastes of mint:(

Next in the box was this nail varnish that's called pink

Here it is on my nail it's what I would call a browny pink I really like this nail varnish I've never tried any me me me nail polish before so I'm well impressed.

Next is this blush it's called blush me pink

Inside the lid it has a mirror which I think is so handy and also comes with a cute little brush.

Look at the colour of this blush it's just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is on the back of my hand and on my fingers I'm very impressed I need to get more of the me me me blushers now. This blush is so nice and blends very well.

If you are stuck for presents then please go and check this website out they also do The Balm cosmetics too.

Here is the link again

Thanks so much for reading my latest blog post


  1. The blush does look really lovely! & the packaging reminds me of benefit which I love :) xoxo

  2. This looks really lovely! I love the way it all comes in the box, lovely packaging and like Laura the blush really reminds of something you would get from Benefit! x

  3. Pretty great for £11.99!
    I agree, the blush looks awesome x x

  4. Awesome stuff!

  5. love the MeMeMe blush its amazing I have it too. Lovely post x

  6. That blusher looks so pigmented, want! Also love the idea of a light on lip gloss, gimmick much? ;) xx


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