Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Kabuki Brush And A Highlighter That You Need On Your Christmas List !!

Hey me again lol I'm having a blogging day today :)
I want to talk about 2 products that I have brought and I'm in love with and I think every girl should have on there Xmas list ;)

The first thing is the kabuki brush i got this one from boots it the Models Own kabuki brush £10. Now I'm mad on kabuki brushes I own about 6 I've got sigma ones elf ones primark ones plus others. But this models own one is the best I have ever used its soooo soft the softest one I've ever used it is just amazing. You all need this kabuki.

Next is this topshop cheeks highlight in Prism £10 this is a Multi-Purpose stick you can use it on the top of your cheek bones and even on your lips and body.

This stick is so nice I love the colour of the highlighter it's got like a gold tint to it.
Perfect for the party season.

So these are the 2 products that I think should be on all your Xmas lists.

Have anyone already got and tried my 2 products ? Do you love them both as much as I do ?

Thanks so much for reading my latest blog post


  1. I've really really wanted an Une kabuki brush for ages, but this Models Own one looks amazing! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. LOVE the blog! You are GORGEOUS!

    Follow eachother?



  3. nice kabuki brush!!! i got one from sephora and it's great!!!


  4. I loved models owns eye brushes, might have to splash out on the kabuki, it looks so soft!!


  5. i nominated you for an award...check my blog!=)


  6. I really would like to try out that kabuki, it looks great and fluffy! :)

  7. Nice! I really want a decent Kabuki Brush! Xx


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