Monday, 12 December 2011

Garnier BB cream Vs 17 BB cream

Hey my loves today I'm going to be doing a post on BB creams. As you all know if you watch my YouTube videos how much I love the Garnier BB Cream.
Everything I say is my own honest opinion on the BB creams.

So here they are the 17 BB Cream and the Garnier BB Cream so let's first start on the prices.
17 BB Cream is from boots it's 30ml for £6.99 comes in two shade light & medium
Garnier BB Cream is 50ml for £9.99. Also comes in two shades light & medium

The pics above show the 17 bb cream.
So let start with the 17 BB Cream what it says on the box is BB Blemish Balm- all in one Magic Make-up 17 bb cream is your no make-up make-up. A cult wonder product that gives your skin a complete natural , flawless finish.
: covers
: enhances
: protects
This BB cream as a SPF of 25
My opinion is that I did not like it :( I have very dry skin that becomes even dryer in the winter. And this BB cream made my skin look terrible and more dryer. When I put it on I thought wow I think I'm gonna like this BB cream then just 10 mins later I looked in the mirror and it just looked terrible it had all sinked in to all my pores and made my skin look even dryer then what it was before. So if you have dry skin I would stay well away from the 17 BB cream but I think is would be great for people with oily skin. Like most uk BB cream this one is not full coverage.
So I won't be buying this again but like I said I think this will suit people with oily skin.

Next up is the GARNIER BB Cream I'm sooooo in love with this BB cream also the same as the 17 BB Cream this one is also not full coverage.
This Garnier BB cream is great for my dry skin and this smells so amazing I really love the smell of this BB cream :) this Garnier bb cream soaks into my skin like a dream it does leave like a shine dewy look on your skin which is great for my dry skin in the winter but in the summer I do need to apply powder over the top but in the winter I don't have to because my skin gets even dryer in the winter.
I will never stop using the BB cream it looks fantastic on my dry skin as I said its not full coverage but I think it covers more then the 17 BB Cream.
So if you have dry skin like me I would highly recommend this Garnier BB Cream.
And if you have oily skin I would say this Garnier bb cream may not be for you but I do know some people that have oily skin and own this Garnier bb cream they u
Just have to apply powder on top.

I hope this post has help some of my beautiful readers who don't know what BB Cream to get!!!!


  1. Isn't it strange, i'm the complete opposite!! haha love the 17 BB cream and really disliked the Garnier BB cream! :P

  2. I really want to try the Garnier BB cream now!

    Tanesha x

  3. Great post! I've not tired any other BB creams than my Garnier one but this has made me want to try a few more! Xx

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  5. I just bought the Garnier BB at Walgreens last night and love it!!!


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