Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Laidbare DIY! Two In One Cleanser & toner Review

Hey guys i was kindly sent a tube of laidbare DIY! two in one cleanser & toner to try out,
Ive heard so many good things about laidbare that i was super excited to try it

So hear it is its a 125ml tube its called DIY! two in one cleanser & toner its for all skin types and its with Apple Secrets Extract and Brazil Nut Extract in all of the laid back products there are NO Petrochemicals,sulfates,parabens,synthetic fragrance,synthetic colours,tea,dea,glycols,testing on animals.
here is a little bit more info,,
there natural ingredients are specially selected so each of there products are full of super rich skin nutrients.No synthetic or damaging ingredients. so this product that i recived is a no nonsense cleanser & toner in one this has liquorice and aloe vera for anti bacteria properties that reduce inflammation,tone,and strengthen the skin. Apple secrets extract helps protect your skin cells and Brazil nut extract is a valuable antioxidant,and astringent,at works hard to condition,nourish and repair.

Here is what the product looks lie as you can see its a gel cleanser that foams really well with warm water. I have used this since i got it every morning and night and to my surprise it even removes eye make up which is always good.

Ok on to my honest review what did i think of this product.............
First the smell of this is so lovely almost like a fruity apple kind of smell.
this is the first time that i have ever used a gel cleanser and i must say i have been really enjoying using this like i said it foams really well with warm water. This product is for all skin types. And as you all know i have really sensitive skin but i have not had a problem with this breaking me out at all which im very pleased about.
Ive also got really dry skin thats why i always stay away from gel cleansers but ive not had a problem with this at all it really suits my skin. After using this my skin looked and felt so soft and very clean. Ive also noticed that my dryness on my checks are starting to go my face just feels nourished. Plus This Product also acts as a toner as well as a cleanser so thats another good thing about this product as your not in the sink most of the morning applying different lotions and potions this is so quick just add some warm water foam it up in your hands and rinse and thats it you only need to apply moisturiser. This also gets rid of every trace of my eye make up even waterproof mascara.
So overall I'm so pleased with this laidbare cleanser & toner annd i would buy more from the range that they do this Two in one cleanser & toner is £5.99
but ive just looked and its now £2.99 its a bargain.
if you are interested in the laidbare products here is the link to the websiteTouch My Face | UK distributers of Laidbare and Whish Also Natural skincare company laidbare supports Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month .
From January until the end of April 2013, £1 from the sale of the following blue packaged laidbare products will go to charities including….

DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner (£5.99 for 125ml) removes impurities from the skin and leaves it looking radiant. Liquorice and Aloe Vera extracts have exceptional anti-bacterial properties that reduce inflammation, tone and strengthen the skin, whilst Apple Secrets Extract protects delicate facial skin cells. What’s more, this wonder product contains Brazil Nut Extract – a powerful antioxidant and astringent that conditions, nourishes and repairs the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, DIY! Two in One Cleanser & Toner is a multi-tasking superhero in a tube.

From Dusk Till Dawn Vitamin C Serum (£9.99 for 30ml) is a night-time illuminating treat that puts the moisture back into skin. Designed to leave skin looking and feeling truly fabulous while toning the face and restoring elasticity, From Dusk Till Dawn contains Blackcurrant Seed Oil, which is highly effective for dry, damaged and ageing skin. Evening Primrose calms skin and reduces inflammation while Carrot Oil is rich in Vitamin A to soothe even the most sensitive of skins.

Tantastic Natural Tan (£5.99 for 125ml) with vitamin complex leaves skin looking bronzed and glowing. Summer may be just around the corner, but if your skin’s been missing the sun and can’t wait any longer for a bit of colour, this natural looking tan leaves skin delicately moisturised and healthy.

A natural looking tan – with no synthetic content – Tantastic progressively builds to take your tan a shade darker with each application, whether you want a sun kissed look or deep tropical tan. With no orange hue, it works with your natural skin tone and lasts up to 3 days to leave you looking glowing and tanned.
Hope You all enjoyed reading please let me know if you have ever tried any laidbare products and what you thaought of them. xoxo

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