Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Meet my new gorgeous bag i saw this bag two weeks ago and i have not been able to get it out of my head so i went shopping yesterday to buy it :)
It was £32.99 down to £25.00 so that was even better :) i love this bag so much ooh by the way it's from republic.
I also got this lovely see-though black spotty shirt is was £10 from primark.

Also got this lovely skirt in a mustard colour from primark £12.
This skirt is lovely and also comes with a cute bow belt.

I also got these high waisted shorts for £10 they look so nice on i love them :)

This earrings are from h&m they were £3.99 ive got a thing about feathers atm.

These earrings are from primark for £2.

Wrap around bracelet from primark for £1.50.

Also from primark they were only £1 so i just had to get them there so pretty :)

When i saw this moose/raindeer necklace i just had to get it :)
its just too cute :) this was £3 also from primark.

Pack of 6 earrings for £1.50 from primark.

Im obsessed with highlighters at the moment so i thought i would try this one it was from primark and only £1. And im amazed this highlighter is amazing so shimmery its really pretty. If you are looking for a good highlighter then i would go and get this one i would highley recomend this one as i said for just £1 i thought it was not gonna be any good but this is just amazing.

So this was a little haul that i thought i would share with you all i got it all yesterday. This is the first haul ive done on my blog i hope you all enjoyedreading it. I love reading everyone's haul on there blog's so i thought i would do one :)

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