Wednesday, 7 September 2011

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ROXY Age 9

I didn't know what to blog about today so i thought id do a meet my furry friends.
They are both long haired Chihuahua's.

Tequila in the top photo is 12 yrs old and has recently broke her leg and had to have a op to have a plate put in :(  she has realy been in the wars when we got her from a breeder she was the only girl and all the 5 other boy pups attacked her and bit her ear so she had to have a op on her ear before we had her she can lift her one ear up as you can see by the photo but i think this makes her even more cute. and when she was 3yrs old she had to have most of her teeth out due to she had a over bite and they went bad so now her tongue hangs out because she hasnt got any teeth to hold it in poor baby.

Roxy is in the bottom photo she is 9yrs old she is more loving then tequila roxy is always wanting to be cuddled more shes a little softy but as soon as someone comes in the room someone she dont know she run's after them barking and growling. shes such a jealous & protective dog who likes her mummy cuddles.
They both get on really well when no food is about but watch out when they have food about it's like world war 2 lol.
So there you have it my two little lovely cute dogs.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


OH WOW I'm loving primark's autumn/winter collection.
These clothes are stunning i can not wait to they hit the stores i know a few bits from this collection are out now in some primark stores.
I am really impressed with the autumn/winter collection

What do you think ?
Is there anything that want from this collection?

Monday, 5 September 2011


Here are a few of my fav autumn pic's.
I love autumn so much its my fav season love seeing all the leaves everywhere.
Love curling up by the fire  hearing the rain on the window and the wind blowing.
Love looking out the window in autumn morning with the sun shining on the fallen leaves and of course Halloween i love Halloween decorating the house and getting dressed up.
Hope you like the pics every time i look at these pics i feel all warm inside :)

What is your favourite season and why? I would love to know x x x


First i would like to say how much i love the packaging so colourful.

Here is the claw brush that it has.

Me with no mascara

This is with one coat of the mascara

And this is with two coats.

What this product claims:  This mascara has collagen enriched formula and claw brush flick out that extend the look of lashes at the corners. and has upto 7x more voloume.

My review of the prouduct: This mascara is amazing does not clump at all and gos on realy nicely. The brush is good but it takes a little time to get used to using it. I realy liked the way this mascara look on and i will go as far to say this is the best mascara i own and have tryed and i own and have tryed lots. It says up to 7x more voloume i would say it gives 8x more voloume. im realy impressed and would highly recomend this mascara.
At the moment its in superdrug for £5.99 it was £7.99 so if you want to get it i would get it while the offer is on.

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