Monday, 5 September 2011


First i would like to say how much i love the packaging so colourful.

Here is the claw brush that it has.

Me with no mascara

This is with one coat of the mascara

And this is with two coats.

What this product claims:  This mascara has collagen enriched formula and claw brush flick out that extend the look of lashes at the corners. and has upto 7x more voloume.

My review of the prouduct: This mascara is amazing does not clump at all and gos on realy nicely. The brush is good but it takes a little time to get used to using it. I realy liked the way this mascara look on and i will go as far to say this is the best mascara i own and have tryed and i own and have tryed lots. It says up to 7x more voloume i would say it gives 8x more voloume. im realy impressed and would highly recomend this mascara.
At the moment its in superdrug for £5.99 it was £7.99 so if you want to get it i would get it while the offer is on.


  1. love the packaging on this!:)xxx

  2. this looks like a really good product, i have bough 2 of their mascaras before and have been really disappointed. have you got short lashes cause then i might consider getting this as they make your eyes look lovely xx

  3. @elle marie yes i have very short lashes thats why i am amazed with this mascara it gives your lashes lots of voloume and makes your lashes look sooo long i highly recomend this mascara. I am amazed with it best mascara EVER xx

  4. I saw this the other day, thought id wait for reviews to see if its any good :) hated the old colossal.
    Lucy xx


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