Friday, 29 June 2012

Swap From USA

Hello ladies so last month I received a swap from the USA so I thought I would share what I got. This was a swap I did on my YouTube channel but I just had to show you all :)

So here are the goodies I received

First I received this Wet n wild Coloricon in the shade Knock On Wood

Here are the lovely colours I am really impressed with this palette you can really build up the colours I love it :)

Then I got these Physicians Formula custom eye enhancing eyeliner trio for hazel eyes

Each one has this cute sharpener on the end

Here are the colours Wow these are amazing and they are so easy to work with and have a good staying power it took me ages to remove these swatches on my hand :)

Next I got this palette it's the Physicians Formula Shimmer Stripes custom eye enhancing shadow & liner for hazel eyes

Here are the colours I love this palette all the colours are so pigmented:)

Then I got this Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & mood boosting powder in Translucent

And it also comes with this cute brush. I love this powder it gives me a lovely glow I can't stop using it :)

And the last thing I got was this Physicians Formula Happy Boosting Glow & Mood boosting Blush in Natural

That also comes with a cute brush I love physicians formula I think the packaging on all the physicians Formula stuff is beautiful.

Here is the colour of the blush it's beautiful and I've been wearing it every single day since I got it :)

So that's What i got in the swap I'm so so happy with all the things I received
I just had to show you all because if you can find a way of getting your hands on Physicians formula products I would highly recommend them.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's all about ESSIE

Hello ladies I'm doing a review of the Essie nail polishes today hope you enjoy

So here are the two I brought the one on the left is called Mint Candy Apple and the one on the right is called Lilacism. I got mine from boots I shall put the link in at the end of the review they are £7.99 each.

And here are what the colours look like on my colour wheel so the one on the left is Lilacism and the one on the right is called Mint Candy Apple.
Now on to my review....
First some of you might think £7.99 for a nail polish is quite expense but NO because these Essie nail polishes do NOT chip at all I've worn both colours for 2 weeks each and they did not chip at all I think there amazing quality nail polishes.
And the other thing I want to talk about is the brush

This picture does not do it justice but it's a wide compacted brush that makes it easier and quicker to apply to your nails. And also with the Essie Polishes I find they dry pretty quick too which is always a good thing :)
At the weekend I'm off to get some more they have such a nice range of colours and I want them all :)
So if you are looking for nail polishes that don't chip and apply quickly and dry quick then Essie nail polishes are for you I would highly recommend them.
You can find the Essie nail polishes here Essie Nail Colour - Boots

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My thoughts on the lily cole makeup range from the body shop

Review: Liz Earle Eyebright

Hi everyone today I've got another review as you all know I always give a honest review. I was kindly sent the Liz Earle eyebright to review so here is what I thought!!

First of all everything you order off Liz Earle comes beautifully wrapped which I think is such a lovely touch.

So here is what I got sent its a 150ml of the eyebright.

It's a twist up cap.

What Liz Earle claim this product does......
A gentle herbal lotion to soothe and refresh tired,puffy eyes and remove light make-up. Naturally active ingredients include ; the herb eyebright, witch hazel,aloe Vera and corn flower to cool,soothe and revitalise tired eyes. This is also suitable for contact lens wearers. Eyebright is light,non-oily.

Prices 50ml bottle £5.25. 150ml £10

My honest review........

To begin with I love the smell of this is lovely :) there are two ways of using this first you can just apply it to a cotton wool pad and sweep over your eyelids and lashes to clean and wake up your eyes first thing in the morning and I do this every morning it really wakes my eyes up. And you can also use this by soaking two cotton wool pads and then place the cotton wool pads over your eyes and relax for 5-10 minutes. I've also tried it this way too and it really revitalised my tired eyes :)
I do suffer from Hay fever so this as been a god send to me and it has helped my very puffy eyes due to my hay fever I really love this eyebright as they say it's non -oily which is great :) and it does do a good job of removing light makeup which is always a plus for me. I store mine in the fridge so it's cool when I apply it and believe me with it being cool it really wakes me up in the mornings :) and as I was saying I suffer with hay fever and I've tried a few things by other company's that claim they help with puffy eyes with hay fever but they didn't work. I've been amazed by this eyebright as not only does it soothe my sore hay fever eyes it gets rid of my puffy eyes.
So if you suffer with hay fever I would highly recommend this product.
Or if you don't suffer with hay fever I would still recommend this product for people who suffer with puffy sore eyes.
I've been using this product now every singe day for 2wks and it has really revitalised my eyes leaving them looking fantastic and has really helped my sore puffy eyes this is an amazing product that I'm going to have to stock up on :)

Here is the link to the Liz Earle eyebright: Eyebright™ Soothing Eye Lotion – Eye treatments ... - Liz Earle

Thanks so much for reading my review as I've said all my reviews are honest on every reviews that I do weather it be a review on a product I brought or a review on something that was sent to me.

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