Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's all about ESSIE

Hello ladies I'm doing a review of the Essie nail polishes today hope you enjoy

So here are the two I brought the one on the left is called Mint Candy Apple and the one on the right is called Lilacism. I got mine from boots I shall put the link in at the end of the review they are £7.99 each.

And here are what the colours look like on my colour wheel so the one on the left is Lilacism and the one on the right is called Mint Candy Apple.
Now on to my review....
First some of you might think £7.99 for a nail polish is quite expense but NO because these Essie nail polishes do NOT chip at all I've worn both colours for 2 weeks each and they did not chip at all I think there amazing quality nail polishes.
And the other thing I want to talk about is the brush

This picture does not do it justice but it's a wide compacted brush that makes it easier and quicker to apply to your nails. And also with the Essie Polishes I find they dry pretty quick too which is always a good thing :)
At the weekend I'm off to get some more they have such a nice range of colours and I want them all :)
So if you are looking for nail polishes that don't chip and apply quickly and dry quick then Essie nail polishes are for you I would highly recommend them.
You can find the Essie nail polishes here Essie Nail Colour - Boots


  1. I really want one but there isn't a stand near me :( x

  2. I really want to get mint candy apple but im really not a fan of the essie formula! x


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