Saturday, 10 December 2011

Review on spiralsoaps sugar scrub

Hey everyone I received a sugar scrub to review from spiralsoaps here is the link to the website
Spiral Soaps

What spiralsoaps say about there sweet fantasy sugar scrub
This sexy sugar scrub made with organic shea butter, coco butter and olive oil. This scrub mixes with water to make a light lotion on your skin as you scrub. Rinses away beautifully, smooths and softens your skin every time you use it leaving your skin silky and delicately fragranced.

My Honest Review
I tried this in the bath tonight First the smell is really nice it's called sweet fantasy and the fragrance is patchouli and geranium it's such a nice smell. I really enjoyed using this scrub as I found it to be not as harsh and scatty as other sugar scrubs but still exfoliates it's very nice indeed and after I got of the bath after drying myself I found that I did not need to put any moisturiser on this scrub left my skin so moisturised and so so so soft and also made my skin smell amazing I used the scrub 3 hours ago and I can still smell the scent on my skin.

This scrub is £8.00 plus they do different scents and other stuff like soaps and things so go and check them all out here Spiral Soaps


  1. this sounds really nice, I'll go check out the website x

  2. I love how honest you are in your review. I will have to try this. xo

  3. It sounds very nice! ;)


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