Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Essential Care

Hi everyone I received a lipstick and a eye liner from essential care that I want to review. Let me tell you a bit about the company first: Award-Winning organic skincare Handmade in Suffolk. Essential care products are particularly suited to and tested on those with allergy-prone and sensitive skin. They avoid all synthetic chemical irritants and allergens. They promise: 0% parabens 0%petrochemicals 0% artificial colours 0% artificial fragrances 0% harsh or ethoxylated detergents - Sls or sles ect. 0% gm 0% dea,met, tea 0% animal testing. Things they do are face products such as moisturiser,facial wash,toners,cleansers,face masks plush stuff for lips. Also body scrubs,body lotions,body oil. They also do things for problem skin they also so soaps,hand wash,shampoo. They also do skin care for mum and baby eg: shampoo,massage oil,soothing salve,repair lotion,bump butter,labour oil,nipple balm. And also gift sets. Makeup they have mascara,eyeshadows,lipstick, lip liners,lipstick,eyeliners. So this is what I got.

I received a lipstick in shade 11 mashmallow what it says on the box is contains fairtrade Shea butter 100% natural mineral colour. Vitamin-rich organic plant extracts and Shea butter to enhance,nourish and moisturise your lips. A pure synergy of nature and nurture. Lipstick case: made in the EU from 100% corn-based,non-petrochemical and recyclable materials. MY HONEST REVIEW: I really like the packaging eg the case it's in a dark green colour with gold writing looks very smart. I love the taste of this lipstick it's so nice. The colour is just amazing looks so pretty on your lips. I wasn't expecting this to be moisturising at all but WOW this lipstick is so moisturising it felt like a balm on my lips I really like this lipstick I think I'm gonna have to buy more. Go and check them out they do 7 lipstick shades in total. The only thing is that there £18 each which I think is a bit pricey but saying that there so moisturising and make my dry lips look amazing .

This is the eye liner mine is in black £12.50. What it says on the box: contains fairtrade Shea butter 100% natural mineral colour,vitamin-rich organic plant extracts and Shea butter to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. MY HONEST REVIEW: First the colour is very black which I love it has a very smooth texture to it so it just glided on to my eyes like a dream it's so easy to blend and if you put it on your water line it does stay on for ages so I really do like this too. Go and check them out they do 3 colours black,brown and rose. So if you wanna go and have a look here is the link to the website:


  1. Like the eyeliner!
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  2. I love this lipstick! this color is beautiful
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