Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Gift Guide 2 Clippy Bags

Hey everyone here is my 2nd gift guide. It's Clippy Bags I'm in love with clippy bag's there wonderful here is the link to the clippy bags website
They do a lots of different bags including handbags, shopping bags, wash bags and more.
Here is the clippy bag i received

As you can see I've already personalised mine with photos and things.
This is the handbag style one is £18 It have twelve pockets six on each side that can be personalised with fabrics your own photographs and mementos.
DIMS: 30cm x 27cm x 10cm this is a great everyday hand bag size :)
On the website you can even buy clippy sticker kits that are all lovely.
I realy enjoyed making up my own hand bag it was such fun :)

So if you have anyone in your family thats crafty and you dont know what to buy them then these would make great presents for the crafter in your family go and have a look here is the link to the website again.


  1. Love the blog! That bag is so cool - great xmas prezzie idea x

  2. I have seen these before, Love them! Yours looks great :)

  3. It looks cute! :)


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