Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bourjois healthy mix foundation

I thought i would go and buy this because I've heard so many good reviews on it  its from boots and it was £9.99 i got mine in shade 51 light vanilla its the lightest shade they do. It claims you will have up to 16 hours perfectly glowing complexion &toned skin.
My review:
First off i love the bottle and loved that it had a pump :) the shade matched my skin tone perfect. The smell of this foundation is gorgeous it smells all fruity the best smelling foundation I've ever smelt.
This covers really well and so easy to apply leaves your face with a dewy look i just loved it looked amazing on my face. Now coming to the sad bit i only wore it i day for 2 hours and my face started itching so i took it all off and yes when i took it off i was covered in spots this broke me out really bad and i had only had it on for 2hours :( i have sensitive skin but like i said i read all the reviews and people with sensitive skin said it didn't brake them out but it did with me I'm soooo disappointed because i love the way to made my skin look :(
so if you have sensitive skin i would'nt go near it but if you dont have sensitive skin go and check it out x


  1. I LOVE this foundation, i also use shade 51, im on my 5th bottle of this! Couldn't live without it! x

  2. im glad you like this foundation :) i loved the way it looked on my skin but my skin is so sensitive that it broke me out :( x


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