Thursday, 18 August 2011

What's in my bag

So inside i have........
*3 packs of Wrigley's juicy fruit chewing gum
*1 pack of mentos chewing gum                   
*nail file                                                       
* Hello kitty mirror                                       
* Mini pack of strawberry cup cake wet wipes
* Hand sanitiser                                         
* Palmolive deodorant (Eden)                    
* River island purse                                    
* A scarf                                                   
* Lush smitten hand cream                        
* Naughty Alice perfume                           
* And my make up case                             
* My Lg cookie mobile                              
* My ipod                                                  

This is all i have inside my makeup case.
* Mua eyeshadow in shade 7 
* Elf eyeshadow "c" brush      
* Elf professional fan brush     
* Benefit blusher brush           
* Elf booster powder             
* Benefit bad gal pencil          
* Benefit bad gal lash mascara
* Carmex lip balm                  
* 17 lipstick in beehive           
* Collection 2000 lock n hold lip gloss in rock steady
* Collection 2000 extreme felt tip eyeliner                  
* Benefit dallas                    
* Benefit hoola                    



  1. I love the river island purse! xxx

  2. Hey, thanks for the follow :) Following back, love your blog!

    Love leopard print, have the same makeup bag for my bag :) The handbag is gorg!
    Lucy xx

  3. Loving this blog post! Is the Benefit blusher brush up to much? I was eyeing it up the other day but couldn't make my mind up (plus, i was skint haha).

    Thanks for the follow :) xx

  4. The blusher brush is ok but I never use them I always use my own hun. But I love all the benefit blusher's there all amazing.


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