Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Babyliss curling wand

I would like you to meet my new best friend :)
I've tried so many curlers and curling tongs over the year's and in my opinion this is the best one out there.
you can get it from argos for £25.49.

As you can see it's digital and has 5 heat settings the highest being 200.
The heat up time is only 30 sec's. plus it comes with a heat protective glove.

The barrel size is 13-25mm and its ceramic.

I really love this hair curler it gives you wonderful curls you can get realy tight curl's from this by wrapping small section's of your hair around it. or you can get really loose flowing curl's by wrapping large section's of you hair around it.
It's just so fast and simple and the curl's stay in for day's.


  1. I love this too :), also the Babyliss Waving Wand is fab.

    Sadie x


  2. I have this and I love it too :)



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