Thursday, 16 February 2017

A new craze Popsockets 

Morning everyone today I wanted to share my views on the new craze popsockets if you haven't heard of them there a new way to crip your phone so if your like me and love taking selfies and have held your mobile up high and almost dropped it Well this grips to your fingers so if doesn't happen it's ment to be great for texting too!!! So let's see what my thoughts are on the popsockets.   You get it out of the packaging and the bottom on the popsockets it's sticky so you pop it straight on to your phone as you can see this is what it looks like flat.  This is what it looks like once you pull it up It's very easy to pull up and the bottom of it is very sticky  You can also use it to prop up your phone like a little stand they also work on iPads and all tablets  This is how I hold mine It feels very secure. As you can see mine has a design of a ghost on it but there are lots more designs to choose from.  I paid £5 for mine off eBay there are lots of different designs on there I just thought the ghost one was extra cute. So my thoughts !!! I've been using it now for 4days and I've not had a problem with it, I thought maybe it might unstick from my phone when it gets warm but no it's still stuck solid You can just pull them off and change them with another design. It's great for texting and selfies and I don't know if any of you tend to look at your phone in bed ! But I do and I had the phone smack me in the face before now where it's slipped out of my hand lol come on we have all done it lol so I'm glad I can look through my phone in bed now without being smacked in the face. I'm very impressed with the popsockets it's such a good invention and works well I would recommend to anyone always dropping there phone. As I've said I've brought mine off eBay you can also get them from amazon and the popsockets website. I hope this post was useful to everyone reading it.?? If you already have one or are thinking about getting one let me know I would love to know your thoughts on them. 

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