Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Soap&glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm

Hey guys at the weekend I picked up the New Soap&glory A great kisser lip balm from boots. There are 3 to choose From I got the Sweet Coconut one it's clear with a hint of sparkle in it. You can also get..... Chocolate cherry this one is tinted and the other one one is called juicy peach this one is also tinted. They are £5.00 each.

Here is the one I got it is called Sweet Coconut. I just love the tin the packaging is so lovely like all Soap&glory products.

Here is the product I tried to get a good photo so you could see the sparkle in it but it don't show up that good but if you look closely you can just make out the sparkle.
To be honest I wasn't expecting that this was going to be any good for some strange reason but I was soooo Wrong this lip balm is just AMAZING it's so moisturising on your lips. It's a little bit sticky but not very sticky it you get what I mean!!!
The smell of this is so lovely and it tastes just WOW it's soooo YUMMY Mmmmmm it's got a sweet coconut taste to it I can't get enough of it :)
I will have to go and get the other two now as I'm so impressed with the Sweet Coconut one I got. This one also looks amazing on your lips it's clear but the sparkle looks so pretty on your lips. I would highly recommend the Sweet Coconut one if your like me and love the smell and taste of coconuts :)

If you are looking or a balm that's so moisturising on your lips then you must go and check them out. I assure you that you won't be disappointed. I will go as far to say its the best lip balm that I have tried.

Have you tried these yourself? If o what did you think of them where you blown away like me ?


  1. I feel a trip to boots coming on!!

    I'm so glad to hear that this lip balm is good coz i love Soap and Glory products :)


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  3. sounds great! I haven't tried it because soap&glory products aren't available in my country :-(

  4. Ohhh might have to try these! Juicy peach sounds good to me :)

  5. I went looking for this at Boots today and the whole stand was just about empty! :( boo! if you get Elle Magazine this month you get a free S&G Mascara and a cut out coupon for £2 off if you spend £10 in Boots x

  6. i saw this in boots today was tempted to buy it but i have enough lip balms already!

  7. Ooo sounds amazing! I love coconut.. yum! xx

  8. I have awarded you with the cute blog award, all the rules are on my blog! :)X


  9. May have to pick this up next time!!


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