Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Mascara's Review

Hi guys today I'm going to be doing a Mascara's review on 4 Mascara's that I got for Christmas.

Here are the Mascara's that I'm going to be talking about.

I'm going to be doing them in order. So this is my fave out of the four this is the No7 Lash Adapt its £12.50.

This is what the wand looks like.
This mascara is brilliant it does not flake or clump it goes on really well and I love this mascara so much because it lengthens my lashes so much :) Plus it does not look like clumpy on my lashes it makes my lashes look shiny. So if you are looking for a mascara that lengthens and does not make your lashes look like spiders legs then this is the one to go for. I was just super amazed by it doesn't matter how may coats you apply it still don't clump or flake wow I love it.

This is my second fave it's the 17 Peep Show it's £6.29.

This is the wand.
First of all the packaging is just gorgeous.
This also go's on smoothly does not clump it also lengthens my lashes and gives volume it's very good for the price. The only reason my this didn't make it to my 1st favourite is because it does flake a bit throughout the day but not much that's the only reason why it's my second fave. So if you are looking for some thing that's good for the price then I would highly recommend this one.

This is my 3rd favourite this is £4.99. Rimmel scandaleyes

This is the wand.
This one is ok it does lengthen your lashes but it is clumpy and does flake a little. I do not like the look or feel of this mascara on my lashes. And this one was hard to apply to my lashes and I found that it is very wet and took a long time to dry on my lashes. I wouldn't recommend this mascara.

This one is my least favourite. It's the maybelline the falsies volum' express its £7.99

This is the wand.
To be honest I hate this mascara it's terrible it gave me spider eyes it's very very very wet it's so clumpy and made my lashes stick together. And the flakeyness of this is just terrible after 30mins of applying it I had panda eyes. I wouldn't recommend this At All I've tried loads of Mascara's over the year and this is the worst one I've ever tried.


  1. Thanks for the review... I'm always looking for new mascaras :D


  2. good review :)
    i love mascara so like to read what other people think and see whats best to buy!


  3. heard lots of good things about the no7 one, going to try it out :) x

  4. Nice review hun, I have the Scandaleyes and I definately regret buying it.. I can only make it work in conjunction with another mascara!

    Phoebe x

    inbeautyland blog

  5. Great review! I love both the Rimmel and maybeline ones!

    Ashlie x


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