Monday, 16 January 2012

Visionary soap company review

Hey everyone today I'm going to be doing another review I was kindly sent these to review there from a company called visionary soap there a fair trade company.
Fairtrade ingredients such as sugar,Shea butter and honey are used in a wide range of there beauty products, including body scrubs, body lotions, face masks, soaps and conditioners.
They do do a wide range of products so it's worth having a look at there website I will put a link to the website after my review.
As I've said the things I'm going to show you were sent to me to review. And this will make no difference to my review I will be honest about all the products.
So here is what I received

First I'm going to talk about this soap its the lemongrass soap the price of this is £3.69 which I think is a very good price.
This smells just amazing if anyone is a lush fan this just smells like happy hippy.
This soap lathers really well and is super moisturising on the skin and leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing. I've been using this bar now for 3wks and I've still got loads left it looks like it has Hardly been used so I think £3.69 is a great price.

Next is another soap this is called cinnamon orange clove is is also £3.69.
This is not my favourite smelling soap I'm not to keen on cinnamon but I know a lot of people do like the cinnamon smell it's just a bit to strong for me I've used it twice and like the other soap it's super moisturising and lathers really well. This soap has not gone to waste my boyfriend has been using it it loves it due to he loves anything that smells of cinnamon. He has super dry hands and ever since he has been using this soap they have got a lot better not so dry anymore. So he loves it but I'm just not too keen on the smell of this one :(

Next I got this Geranium Rose Bath Melt this is £9.95 for a bag of 6 there are more different scents of this bath melt so check them out.
I'm in love with this bath melt it smells gorgeous and it's such a relaxing smell you drop it into your bath while the bath is running and it melts and all the essential oils disperse omg I just loved it and like all the petals were left in the water it's so pretty.
The water when I got in was so creamy and extremely moisterising I would highly recommend you check out these bath melts. The thing thing I would say is to be careful because it leaves your bath super slippery.

The last thing is this lemon lip balm this is £3.45 it's in a glass screw jar and it's 5ml like with everything I've reviewed there are also other scents too.
First the smell it don't smell of lemon well maybe but it's just a tiny hint of lemon smell. It doesn't taste of lemon at all but WOW this is lovely on your lips it has made mine so soft this balm just melts on to your lips leaves them so soft and moisturised plus it's not sticky it just soaks in to your lips leavening them looking amazing I'm very impressed by this lip balm.
You can go and check everything out that I've reviewed and more here

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