Wednesday, 18 January 2012

100% Organics Review

Hey again today I'm going to be doing a review on 100% Organics they kindly sent me some products to review over a month ago now. I've been using them everyday for almost a month. Even though this products were sent to me I will be doing a totally honest review.
Let me tell you a bit about the company,
100% Organics is a new premium skincare brand dedicated to uncovering the finest botanical skin-enhancing ingredients from around the globe to create high-performance products. Everything is handmade in Cornwall.
One of the natural wonder ingredients used in 100% Organics products is tamaun oil, which had been used for thousands of years by pacific islanders and legendary healing,anti-ageing and skin smoothing properties.
There products are not tested on animals and are vegetarian friendly.
So that was a bit about the company so now on to my review.

First I got the 100ml cleanser £29.00.
What they say about this cleanser effectively removes make-up, leaving your skin refreshed and radiant it includes tea tree oil plus hazelnut and rose hip, which leaves your skin feeling naturally clean.
First I love love love the packaging they come in these lovely tin jars they look so gorgeous on my dressing table. It melts really well. I apply this to my face and neck and I leave this on for 2mins then I get it off the the toner I received to go with it.
I do love the smell of this cleanser it's so clean smelling. So it melts easily on your skin and it removed every single trace of makeup off my face I was amazed on how much makeup it got off. Just left my skin feeling silky smooth and as soft as a baby's bum :) its so nice.

The next thing is the toner this is 100ml for £19.00.
What they say about this: A blend of pure, organic ingredients, including refreshing orange and witch hazel floral waters and grapefruit seed extract, which leave skin naturally purified.
first again I love the packaging it's such a cute little bottle. I just don't like the smell of this toner at all it's just not my kind of smell but I've still been using it. I use it to remove the cleanser I did like the feel of this on my skin it made me feel so refreshed it's a lovely toner it did not dry my skin out at all. The only thing is that I'm not keen on the smell of it.

Next is the night balm 50ml £32. What they say about this: A specially formulated blend of ingredients to moisturise and nourish your face during the night, including pure tamanu oils,tomato extract and delicate rose extracts.

First I want to say this is my favourite out of the three I received I love the smell of this it's gorgeous I apply this on my face and neck before I go to sleep its such a relaxing smell that it makes me sleep well too. When I wake up in the morning this makes my skin feel so soft and makes my dry bits just disappear it's so moisturising my skin just feels and look so healthy. I have really enjoyed using this night balm before bed. Everything I reviewed did not brake me out at all and I have super sensitive skin.
If these products interest you then please go and check out the website here


  1. These products look really good :)

  2. This all sounds great! It would be interesting to try them!

  3. The cleanser sounds brilliant! :)

  4. if it wasnt for the hefty price tag id always rebuy this :p


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