Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Review on the Fashionista blusher's and eyeshadows that I got for Christmas

Hey everyone I've got yet another review for you this time it's on the fashionista range on the blusher's and eyeshadows.
Let me tell you all a bit about the fashionista range you can only get it from superdrug stores or on the superdrug website they do t just do blusher's and eyeshadows they also do mascara and lipstick and other things.
What I'm going to be reviewing is the blusher's and eyeshadows that I got for Christmas before I begin I want to tell you a bit about the palette's and the eyeshadows and blusher's. You buy the palette with nothing in it and then you buy the eyeshadow and blush and then they just push out and you then put them in your palette so in the end you get your own customised palette which I think is a great idea because if your like me you buy palette's and there is always a couple of colours you know you won't use so it's a waste really :( but with the fashionista you can pick which colour's you want :)
So here are my 3 palettes that I've made up

This is what the palettes look like they only come in red or black they also have a huge mirror

Here is my red palette that I have 4 blusher's in.

Here are the colours of the blusher's from left to right the colours are:
Juicy apricot shade 6
Flush shade 7
Glowing shade 11
Amber glow shade 4
These blusher's are just amazing very good quality blusher's they blend very well I'm so impressed with these.

Next these are The eyeshadows I got.

From left to right the colours are:
Golden dragon shade 2 this one is a baked eyeshadow
Sultry shade 30
Nude glimmer shade 10
Glamour girl shade 28
These are just wow there highly pigmented they blend well and are just amazing I'm so pleased with the colours I got.

These are also eyeshadows these are all baked eyeshadows.

From left to right the colours are:
Cosmic shade 1
Bella shade 5
Gold rush shade 4
Radiant shade 7
As I said these are baked eyeshadows I love them there also highly pigmented and blend really well.
I'm really loving every palette I've not stopped using them since Xmas day I've got some great looks from them including some great daytime looks and night time looks with these palettes.
I would highly recommend all the eyeshadows and blusher's I just think its great that you can pick and choose the colours you want and the palettes them self are good quality.

Have any of my lovely readers tried these or own these ?
If so what do you think of them?


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  2. nice review!!!! great shades!!!

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