Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lush Rocketter In Action

As promised here are pic's of the lush rocketter i tried this out last night and i loved it. In the bath it took a while for it to do its thing. The colour of this in my bath was just amazing. The rocketter smell's like the candy fag stick that i can remember from my childhood ooh i loved them sweets :) When i was in the bath the bath water felt so moisterising on my skin. Here are some pics.

So there is the rocketter doing its thing :)
 I realy enjoyed this ballisic and loved the colour it gave to the water i will have to go and get some more of these now :) x


  1. Wow so pretty!

  2. Aw I can't wait to try these! My stores been closed for a refit :( Delaying me from trying all these.
    Lucy x

  3. I love lush! They bath bombs are amazing :)

  4. wanna try that one too!!!

  5. wow that looks very interesting! cant wait to pop into Lush soon.


  6. Wow thats fab.
    I cant use stuff from Lush, it makes me itch :-(

    Holli x


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