Monday, 3 October 2011


As you know i love my lush and on Saturday the new xmas lush range come out i was super excited so i went to town on saturday and this is what i brought. I didnt get everything from the whole xmas range but i will be getting some more nxt weekend :) you can get this from

This is the Jilted Elf Jelly i got the 100g for £3.95 smells amazing and smells so boozy :)

This is a Bubble Bar called Superstars it was £2.25. To me this smells like pear drop sweets :)

This is a Rocketeer ballistic it was £2.75 this smells so good cant wait to try it.

This is a bath melt called Melting Snowman £1.95  how cute is this :) this smells just like the bubble bar Marzibain that lush do ooh yum.

This is called Abombinaball Ballistic £2.95 this smells very minty

This is called Golden Wonder its a ballistic £3.25 i tried this one yesterday i loved it if you were a fan of Snow Showers this is what this ballistic smells like it left my skin feeling so soft and the colour it gave to the water was so pretty.

This is calle Magic Wand bubble bar £4.95 smells just like snow fairy. and you can keep using it as ive not used it yet i dont know how many baths you can get out of it yet.

So that is everything i got so far i will be getting some more of the xmas range nxt week so keep an eye out.
I will also be doing some reviews on all of these once ive used them.

Are you a lush fan???
Will you be getting any of these prouducts that ive got???


  1. Looks wonderful!
    Will surely be checking this out after payday!


  2. Awww Melting Snowman looks so cute! xx

  3. The rocket bath ballistic says its £3 something in the Lush times and it says the melting snowman is 2.95. I think they got it wrong :/
    Anyway nice post :)

  4. Love Lush! It's just a little bit too expensive for me sometimes, but the ballistics and toners and stuff are great value! That Melted Snowman is so cute haha but the Jilted Elf jelly looks more Halloweeney than Christmassy!

  5. @love-lush-reviews yes they got in wrong in the lush times Hun x

  6. I'm lovin the wand

  7. OH MY GOD The christmas line is out?! YAAAY *JUMP*

  8. i love lush so much it smells amazing and i look forward to getting some of the new christmas items xx

    my blog :

    Lauren x

  9. Arh lovely buys they make great gifts if you can give them away lol xx

  10. I haven't got my hands on any this year just yet! Roll on wednesday! :)
    Lucy x

  11. Love all these goodies :)

    I'm now following


  12. I was in Leeds on Saturday and popped into Lush I had no idea they were advertising their Christmas range until I saw the store full of people and all he staff dressed up! Haha
    I got the magic wand tooit smells amazing :)
    I also got snow fairy and a few other things not in their Christmas range Xx
    Love all the things you got great haul!

  13. i love the smell of snow fairy, so I'll definately try the magic wand bubble bar <3

  14. The Melting snowman is just sooo adorable!!
    Love everything u got, who wouldn't?!:P


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