Thursday, 15 September 2011

Two packages that arrived today :)

Here is the first package its the sample of the Burberry Body.
Came with this lovely note saying thanks for being a burberry facebook fan i thought this was a nice touch.

Here is the 2ml bottle its a spay bottle.
I didn't think that i would like the scent but boy this is gorgeous I've been wearing it now for 4hours and the longer i wear it the more nicer it smells so this is another perfume on my list of perfumes i want :)

Here is the 2nd parcel that arrived today

oooh i was so excited to get this i only ordered yesterday so i was not expecting this yet :)
And yes its the new Lush prouducts its not all of the new prouducts but just a few :)
It also came in lush's new box

That has this nice touch to the box love it :)

Here are the prouducts i will do a review of them at a later date once ive tried them :)
So here is was i got:
No Drought-dry shampoo
Latte lip tint
Rose Queen ballistic
Phoenix Rising Ballistic
The Green Bubbleroon - Bubble bar
Rose Jam-Bubble Bar
Yuzo & coco-Bubble Bar.
I soooooooo cant wait to try it all :)


  1. I haven't had my burberry sample yet, hope I get it soon!!

    How much was the lush box?

    V x

  2. @vicki all my lush came to £30.57 hunni x

  3. Neeed to order some lush products now! :')xx

  4. @anythingamy i take it you are a lush lover too :)

  5. I love Lush..all of this looks great :)

    - Sydney xo


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