Monday, 12 September 2011

Small Haul

Superdrug Coconut Oil
wow this is amazing stuff and you can get it from superdrug for £1.99
It says it's a fragranced natural skin softener for all skin types but you can also use it on your hair as a leave in conditioner or as a hair and scalp mask.
I used some of this last night as a scalp and hair mask i applied it to my scalp and hair and massage it in for 5mins then i put on a showercap for 2 hours then washed it out with shampoo and my hair looked and felt amazing so shiney and soft plus it left my hair smelling amazing i just love the smell of coconut yummy.
So if you have dry hair give it a go. also if you have very very dry hair you can leave it on over night and shampoo it out in the morning.
Its also lovely for you skin it soaks in realy well and makes you skin so soft so i would recomend this for both your hair and skin.

Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud
Ive heard a lot of good things about this blush so i just had to get it i got mine from boots for £1.99 im so glad i got it its a lovely matt blusher and it blends realy well its like a nice natural flushed colour im loving it.

Rimmel Blusher in Pink Rose
This is the first rimmel blush that i have ever tryed and i mush say that i am impressed but there is not a lot of choice in shades :( I love the packaging and the cute crown in the blusher its such a lovely colour and has a lovely shine to it i got this from boots for £3.99.

I got this at boots it was £4.49
This lipstick is so moisterising on the lips great for people like me that have dry lips im a natural lip girl i dont wear bright lipstick because it dont suit me at all so i just had to get this shade its called nudest peach its a lovely peach colour its so pretty.

This was £7 but i got a no7 £5 off voucher so i got it for £2.
In the bottle it looks shimmery but on the nail very dull and it took 4 coats to cover my nails :( so im not very impressed with this at all plush it chips very easy as you can see in the photo above and i only on for a couple of hours. Im so glad i didnt try there nail varnish and paid £7 im so unimpressed and i cant belive how much it is i will stick to my barry m nail varnishes in the future.


  1. That coconut oil looks really nice, is it for the face as well?
    No7 nail varnishes are usually pretty good but i definitely wouldn't pay full price for them either!!

  2. @angiebeautybelle it does not say you can or cant use the coconut oil on the face!!! i just use mine on my heels and knees and arms and on my hair xxx


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