Thursday, 2 August 2012

Haul time :) :)

Hello all so I thought I would show you a small haul I got over the weekend.

First I will start with New Look As some as you may know at the moment im into crosses and skulls :)

I got these lovely earrings with crosses on they also have a spike on the end and a little bead that when it catches the sun has a rainbow effect.

Then got these earrings that also have crosses and a spike,heart and a feather these look stunning on :)

Then I could not resist this cross ring

And this is a skull necklace on a 18 inch chain

I love wearing cord bracelets in the summer so I just had to get this as you can see there are skulls. So thats all I got from New look.

I then when to TKMAXX and picked up this new CID cosmetics I-shimmer

It comes with too ends so on one end you get your highlighter product

And the other end has this soft blending blush

This is a swatch of the highlighter on my hand it's gorgeous.

Then the last place I went to was Aldi as I've heard a lot about the Lacura range they stock as people have been raving about them so I thought I would give them a go.

So the first thing I got was the Lacura Q10 night cream Anti-wrinkle.
For the price this is amazing. First time I used this I was like WOW this made my skin feel so soft and smooth :) its a quite thick consistency you only need a little bit as a little go's a long way. This says on the box for all skin types and I have got super sensitive skin so I was a bit shall I get it or not but I'm so glad I do because I love it and it has not broke me out at all.

Next Lacura thing I got from Aldi was this shimmering day cream this is for normal and sensitive skin. I also love this it has a lovely shimmer to it that looks fantastic under your foundation and this smells sooo yummy :) smells just like the EOS lip balm in summer fruits and for all of you that have not tried the EOS lip balm this smells just like peach snaps mmmm :) again for the price this is amazing they had other skin care Lacura products that I'm gonna have to go back for :)

This is what the shimmering day cream looks like I just put 1 pump on my hand.

And this is it rubbed into my had its so shimmery and lovely but this photo does not give it justice.

The nxt thing from Aldi in the Lacura range I picked up was an eyeshadow Duo in 302 purple I love the packaging it's so sleek.

Here are the two colours on my arm these are so soft and look so pretty on. And they also did more duo colours so I'm gonna get them too.

And the last thing I got from Aldi in the Lacura range was a mascara I made the mistake of getting brown as I only use black but for the price I am amazed it did not flake or clump. And as you all know I'm always buying mascaras as I'm yet to find the perfect one!! But this one blew me away it really gave my lashes volume.

Here is the brush it's quite a big brush I tend to go for the thin brushes but I love this one. So yes some times it's good to try out cheap brands. I'm so glad I did now.
So please if you love your makeup or face care products and you haven't tried Lacura in Aldi go and try some out there just fantastic.


  1. Love the New Look bracelet :) x

    1. Thank you so do I they do other colours in this bracelet too so I'm gonna have to get some more lol :) xx

  2. Kelly I love the feather earrings, cross ring and skull necklace! great haul xx

  3. Gorgeous stuff! Never tried any of the Aldi stuff, going to have to pop in sometime :)

  4. Great haul! I love both pairs of earrings and the ring!

  5. Great haul! haven't tried lacura yet but love the eyeshadows you got! pretty earring too :) x


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