Monday, 12 March 2012

Meet The New Addition To Our Family :)

As you all know sadly our little dog Roxy passed away we all miss here dearly and she will be always in our hearts. We have always had 2 dogs so it felt very strange so we had to get a new puppy she has filled a the hole in my heart that was missing.
As I've said we will never forget Roxy and this new puppy is not a replacement no puppy could replace Roxy. We mainly got this puppy due to our other dog tequila she was not eating and was always crying she also missed Roxy so we decided to get her a baby sister :)
So here is a few photos.

Everybody meet Bow she is another chihuahua she was born on 25th December. Isn't she gorgeous. She is into everything at the moment so she is keeping me on my toes :)


  1. WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!!! She is so adorable!

  2. She is gorgeous :D


  3. Aww she's so cute.

  4. N'awh, she's absolutely adorable! xx

  5. OMG how cute is she!! when my cat died (we also had them in two's) my other cat died he gave up with a broken heart so it is good you could get another companion for tequila xx

  6. Omg such a cutie!

    Holli x

  7. Ive given you a blogger award, go to my blog to find out more


  8. I've just found your blog but had to comment on your new addition! Bow is too cute. I also lost a dog a year ago and also had two dogs and adopted a puppy last summer:)


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