Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Review of the L'OREAL Volume Millon lashes Luminizer Mascara

I brought this Mascara at the weekend from superdrug for £11.29 i got the one for green eyes. They also do one for blue and hazel eyes.
This is the brush its very bendy and plastic which i don't like :(
This mascara says it enhances your natural eye colour which i don't think it does at all.
This mascara does make your lashes look longer and gives them volume But this mascara does clump at the ends of your lashes and if you apply 2 coats it flakes like crazy so i would not recomend this mascara at all well not to any body that likes to do 2 coats of mascara. but saying that its ok with one coat but i like to coat's my lashes twice because i have very light short lashes.
So i wont be buying this again.


  1. The mascara looks really icky on the brush =/

  2. @claire louise it is i was very disapointed with it =/

  3. I have this mascara too and I don't like it at all..:(

  4. The mascara looks pretty crappy on the brush :/ I won't be wanting to try this anymore.

    Lucy x

  5. I'm sad this isn't that great, I had high expectations for this product!!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. Thank you for the Follow :)
    I brought the original version of this mascara and loved it, but I haven't tried the ones they made for specificity coloured eyes. I have just brought the Brushless Mascara so keep an eye out for a review :)
    I returned the follow :)


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