Thursday, 17 November 2011

Review: Liz Earle skin repair moisturiser

Here is is the skin repair moisturiser this is 50ml it's in this lovely jar
This the top of the lid of the jar how nice is this.

Here is the creamy moisturiser on the back of my hand.

Prices and skin types they do:
Normal/combination 50ml jar or tube £18.25
and also 15ml tube £7

Dry/sensitive 50ml jar or tube £18.25
and also 15ml tube £7

You can also get a skin repair light for
Combination/oily 50ml pump or tube £18.25
or 15ml tube £7

What Liz Earle Claims:
Rich in naturally active avocado and borage plant oils which work in harmony with the skin's natural oils, and natural source vitamin e to help retain moisture.

My Honest Review:
As i have dry/sensitive skin i recived the dry/sensitive jar to review.
The first thing i noticed when i opened up the jar was the smell of the moisturiser it smell's absolutely heavenly so so nice.
What i found with this moisturiser is a little go's a long way which is always a good thing as you dont use it up to quickly :)
This moisturiser is so creamy and heavenly and it just soak's into my skin like a dream makes my skin feel so moisturised and soft it's made my skin look so healthy. I use this moisturiser twice a day once in the morning then once at night.
I did think when i opened the jar that it's so creamy it wont sink into my skin very well but it did i was so surprized how it just sinks in and does not leave a greasy feeling at all.
For any one with dry skin this Dry/Sensitive moisturiser is a MUST have.

How I Use It:
Every morning and night after ive used the instant boost skin tonic i massage this moisteriser into my face and neck.
Im realy loving Liz Earle range it has realy help out my skin and my skin has never looked so good.
Im a Liz Earle fan for Life.

Have any of you tried Liz Earle ?
If so What did you think about the amazing products??


  1. I still havent tried Liz Earle products, this looks great though, i have really dry skin and recently its been quite sensitive so im definitely adding this to my wish list!

  2. I have a 15ml of each skin type option in this, got them free with my online orders. Usually I'd be combination but over the colder months my skin goes mad and changes from day to day so cant wait to try them all out.

  3. @Zoe you really do need this on your wish list I highly recommend this for dry skin it's just fab xoxo

  4. You can always rely on Liz Earle products - I love the hand cream!

  5. This sounds brilliant! I have the hot cloth cleanser and its amazing!!
    I have done a review on my blog :)


  6. Love the review, I've really wanted to try some Liz Earle products for a while, I think I need to get saving! I have a Superdrug version of the hot cloth cleanser at the mo.. xx

  7. I have used this procudct once in my life, when it was given to me as a pressie. I remember liking it. Thanks for the review.

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